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Larry's 220 BEGGS
40XBR w/Metalife finish applied to the receiver and Burris Signature scope rings
American Barrel Co 14 Twist
McMillan Stock
Stock Remington Bolt fluted by Kampfeld custom
And of course, the trigger is JEWELL

Larry, one question. When are you bringing it down for a test drive. Paul Rich, Gallatin Gun Club construction site head, told me he met a guy named Larry there a few days ago who said he knew the birdog. I said was it Larry Scott??? What did you think about the range?

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Larry, that is one really pretty rifle, and with all the goodies you have on there there's a LOT to like.

Is the Kamfeld bolt as in Karl Kamfeld?? WD

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Yes the bolt fluting is by Karl Feldkamp of
Kampfeld custom. Specify titanium style
fluting when ordering to duplicate this bolt.

The Gallatin range is a beautiful and high priced
undertaking. I just wish it would quit raining and
give the ground plenty of time to settle before
it opens.

Feb 24 at Noon will be a come and see grand opening.

If the grounds arent suitable for the March match,
it will be held at 2 Bros at Russellville

Randy, I tried calling the morning I made the trip,
but never could get an answer. LDS
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