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Been fightin' with the new phone. I spent over an hour w Verizon and turns out Google was the culprit. Then within 20 minutes, it basically healed itself by giving me the needed screen on next login. It's all Sanscrit to this Greek boy.
We had a heavy, high wind front come through this afternoon. Winds were between 40-112. The temps were balmy, near 70°. We decided to forego the party at my Bro's, even though the Geritol and prune juice would be flowing like wine... ;))
There was a pic of a young looking 52 yo gal, a mug shot, smiling like it was a photo OP. She had missed a corner in her 2018 Silverado, laid it on it's side . Happy as a clam she was.
Gonna sign off - be checking in tomorrow.
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