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Link to Great PICS of Coyotes Attacking a Big Buck Mule Deer!!

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Can you predict who wins this confrontation?

This battle took place in Yellowstone National Park. A hunter on his honeymoon filmed the action with his long zoom Sony Digital Camera.

Note: These pics are large, so you may be frustrated in viewing them if you don't have a DSL connection or better.

Here the link to these amazing photos:

Lance in Orgyun
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Some of the neatest photos I've ever seen.....

but don't the bunnyhuggers say that only the sick or old deer are attacked by predators?????? I guess maybe not, heh?
Well, yea, you are right about that

but don't the bunnyhuggers say that only the sick or old deer are attacked by predators?????? I guess maybe not, heh?
They also fail to mention how predators often take the young fawns, too, which can decimate future populations.

Lance in Orygun
Reminded me of a vacation a few years back in the Smokey Mountains National Park. We were on a horseback ride in the park with a Ranger for a guide. She was explaining the introduction of the Red Wolf back into the park. About that time she pointed out one that was couched down about 50 yards away. My daughter asked me what the wolf had in its mouth, and as I was looking to see, it stood up with a fawn dangling from its jaws.

The Ranger then explained how the wolves pretty much remained within the park. However, later that day as I was getting a fishing license in town I overheard a number of locals complaining about livestock being taken by the wolves.
AAAAmazing stuff!

I`ve hunted the same area for 30 years.....used to be lots of deer.....with the introduction of wolves about 10 years ago....alot less deer.....
Must have been exciting to watch !

Excellent pictures, and a great story of how Nature works, or sometimes doesn't.

ThJudg (Roger)
Better than my wedding night, Great Pics, you wont forget that trip. And by the way,Congrats on getting married. It aint that bad.

I learned a lot on this one!
i saw this same thing....

happen for real once back in the early 80's. 2 coyotes vs one 4pt mulie, only it was on a frozen lake where the deer could not keep his footing. the deer was dead in less than 5 mins. i was watching from about 1.5 miles away thru a spotting scope. happy to report that it was their last meal though......whacked and stacked both them varmits a couple hrs later. AJ
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