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Little Sure-Shot

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When I arrived at Bruce’s this weekend, there were two 22 rimfire rifles set up on the benches outside the lodge. One was a Bergara with a Nightforce scope and the other was a Vudoo with a Leupold Mark 5. Both were extremely accurate and a pleasure to shoot.
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Bruce’s son, Justin told us about a game they play at 50 yards called “Know Your Limit” where you start with the biggest target and work your way to the smallest, without missing, or you go back to the beginning. However, if you hit….let’s say for example…..5 in a row, you can stop and challenge your opponent to beat Your score. If they can’t match your 5 in a row, you win. If they hit 6 in a row, you lose.
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On Saturday evening, Bruce’s 6-year old granddaughter, Josie, issued a challenge to everyone and the stakes were high. If she won, then you had to let her paint your fingernails.

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I didn’t think anyone took her up on it, until I saw a young man named Jake come in the lodge to get a drink of water later in the evening.

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To add insult to injury, Jake said he was going motorcycle-riding with a group of guys the next day. Before he left, Josie‘s mother gave him a bottle of nail polish remover to use. Rumor has it this isn’t the first time she’s painted a guy’s fingernails.
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Great photos, Carl, thanks. Love the one of Bruce and Josie. And I'm sure glad the Harber kids didn't know about that nail-painting contest. I guess Tucker and Elijah would have changed what was at stake, but nail painting would be perfect for Amanda's little girl Kinley.
Man thats awesome!
Rumor has it that Josie has painted quite a few finger nails! 😂
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