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Looks like Birdog is OK

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Randy posted this to FaceBook just a couple minutes ago. Since it's on FB, I don't think he'll mind me copying it here. If he does, he can just give me a whuppin' in May, if not sooner. Here's what he reports:

5:20 p.m. EST Sunday

I just left Vanderbilt. I checked myself into the E R at 11 a m Saturday. Symptoms were cough and congestion for two weeks that I could not shake. Friday night I was chills set in and I now had abdominal discomfort with occasional sharp pain.

Saturday morning at 3:55 a m I had fever still spiking.

Next we arrived at the E R at 11 a m. They wanted to do blood work, urinalysis, and a chest X-ray

I thought it would be a urinary tract infection The sharp pains worried me because I had a five hour reconstructive / cancer procedure in 2013. I wanted to make sure something had not come loose.

The test so far proved inclusive. The Doc said a CT scan would be the next thing to look at. So around 4 p m I went for a CT. At 1:30 A M they move me up to the fifth floor (deluxe apartment in the sky). This morning a Doc came in at 9 o’clock and said Mr Dawson after looking at you med list and vitals , you are the healthiest 66 year old I have ever seen. He continued the scan gave us a definitive diagnosis that was easy to see

After two days of I V meds I am on my way home typing this as we drive east on I-40 to my little piece of HEAVEN.
God is good.
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That's good news!!! Thanks for posting Mike, I myself never wonder to FB. Mike
Not exactly the sign of the most healthy 66 year old ever, but I'm glad he got it diagnosed so it can be treated accordingly. Hopefully the diagnosis was early.
Sorry Randy, I didn't get to post it to the board. Been running ragged redoing the bathroom floor and ceiling fan. Glad you'll be okay. Still praying for comfort.
Well the good news is you ain't gonna die yet. The bad news is you're going to be changing your whole diet. You are going to have to learn what you can and can't eat and seriously watch what and when you consume. All in all, it's great news!
Good news. Thanks for the update.
My Sister, Beth has the same Diagnosis

ANd She does fine as long as She watches her diet=:eek:
Guess BDog will have to leave off Hot Fudge Cake
for a while=:eek::D
Seriously GLAD BDog is OK
ANd She does fine as long as She watches her diet=:eek:
Guess BDog will have to leave off Hot Fudge Cake
for a while=:eek::D
Seriously GLAD BDog is OK
What I'm wondering is if he can still eat MREs and Messican food. :D

Glad to hear he’s OK

Always look forward to hearing from you Birdog.

And Yes, God is Good !
I am glad BD is ok and am sending prayers.
Glad it can be treated....

It certainly could have been a lot worse,very happy this is fairly common and can be corrected without too much trouble.I think sunflower seeds and nuts should probably be avoided for sure.Prayers coming out to you Randy.
Good news indeed!
All the best for a speedy dasher recovery.

BD, I dont know what to think about ya. You
only work on SA,and you take a sick day to get out
of that. Glad all is good. LDS
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