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AR15Rifle Greese Points
Contributedby Ken Russo

First you have to disassemble the rifle.The AR15 bolt has three gas rings, theyneed a drop of oil and the gaps between the rings cannot line up otherwiseyou'll have blow by and the rifle will not cycle properly. If you everhave trouble ejecting and feeding rounds, check this area first. Keepingan eye on this area is simple preventive maintenance.
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The upper receiver will have 4 placeswhere the bolt carrier rides inside. It'll create 4 shiny tracks whereyou'll have to lube the receiver to prevent the steel bolt carrier fromdigging into the rifle's aluminum body. Here's where the curved greaseapplicator comes in handy.I have been to Advanced AR15 carbinepatrol rifle schools as a Law Enforcement Rifle Instructor and this isoften neglected. Oil works well, but the heat generated by firing willoften cook off the oil and also splatter hot oil from the ejection port.Grease if used sparingly will not splatter and will not cook off duringnormal to hard use of this weapon system. Remember grease also attractsdirt, so go easy. A properly lubed AR15 is just about jam free, and mostof the jamming problems in rifles I have seen are (lack of) lubricationproblems.

Also lightly lube the bolt's 4 racesand when the bolt is inserted back into the upper receiver, the excesscan be wiped away with a cloth or a cotton cleaning patch.

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Next the charging handle...There are 4 places that need a dab ofgrease.

The upper portion to the rear of thehandle, the front near the little lobe, and on the ears on the sides ofthe handle. Not much is needed, but the charging handle rides in a raceand needs to be lubricated. Dry handles hang up especially when they gethot and the handle is also the Achilles heel of the AR15. It's the weakestpart of the rifle and needs to be straight and free from bends.

Lube the charging handle and use onlya little dab of grease on the 4 areas.

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The upper receiver, now...the AR15 needs a dab of grease wherethe charging handle locks onto the upper receiver. Remember the upper andlower receivers are aluminum 99% of the time and the charging handle latchesare steel. Just a drop of grease will prevent premature wear.
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Lubed charging handle and the greasesyringe from Sinclair International, I like the curved applicator..makesgetting into the upper receiver easy.Once this method is used to lubricateyour AR15, I am sure you will notice a difference in smoothness of operationand increased reliability.

Shoot safely,


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Article contributed by Ken Russo
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