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Marine Tex

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Ok, I'm ready to try some Marine Tex, the instructions say to mix it 5 to 1, so what do y'all use to measure it.


Molon Labe

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Hit it close, you'll be OK........

It's really good stuff. I use the Accura Release release agent by Brownell's, never fails to just fall out of the stock. Wash the action with brake cleaner, TWO coats of accra release. After you have removed the action from the stock, wash of the accra release off the action with brake cleaner, fast and easy! Don't forget to coat the screws.

Good luck!
Estimate. I've used that stuff a bunch of times and it's such thick goop, there's no kind of measuring things that'll really work. Just eyeballing the proportions always worked for me.
How I measure Marine Tex...

I use a piece of heavy cardboard, and I lay down a strip with the one part mixture, then with the five part mixture, I lay down five more strips, just like the first one, right next to the first one, Then I use a putty knife to mix it all together. You kinda have to guess, as to how much you are gonna need.
This has worked well for me, and it has always cured hard as a rock..
it's NOT easy stuff to try to pour and measure, but this method works well.

Harry is right, you ca use most any way to estimate the amounts. Close is good enough. Use either Johnson's paste wax or Kiwi neutral shoe polish for release agents.
Maybe the stuff has changed over the years. But when I was using Marine Tex it was almost too thick to even dig out of the can. The yellowish catalyst had a soft jelly-like consistency with nasty looking fumes coming off when the jar was opened. There was no way to measure other than by estimation, and that worked fine. Once cured it's impervious to everything.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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