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I’ll march or parade Monday to this Memorial plot. This is one of two Cemetery plots bought by and maintained as the final resting place for fallen Detroit Fire Fighters. The Memorial Day Parade is older than Memorial Day. The parade to the cemetery is the oldest Memorial Day march in The Nation dating to 1866.

And here’s a picture of the site in Mt. Elliot (Catholic)Cemetery. The two cemeteries abut each other.One is non-sectarian and one Catholic.

Elmwood Cemetery is the site of the Battle Of Bloody Run in the Revolutionary War.

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Hats off to you FB! That is what Memorial Day is about , remembering those who have given all they had.

As. Kid we knew it as “Decoration Day”. The whole family went to the cemetery, some came from fairly far away to plant flowers on the graves. A large part of the community attended the gathering. A prayer service was held Veterans presented the colors and several speakers would speak and tell us what some of the many “Hero’s” who laid at rest there had done to keep us free.
Coffe, kool-aid along with bars and cookies were served and people visited for a while before returning to their homes.
Today, a memorial service like that don’t happen anymore. To many people are to busy paying attention to themselves to remember those hero’s that should be remembered.
God Bess those families that gave so much, and prayers for those who served and prayers for those who are serving.
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