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Well I just couldn’t just not go out when asked to partner for a afternoon. So when Brent called and asked if I wanted to go out this afternoon I said ya meet ya at the truck stop 2:30 PM.

Was on the windy side like 10MPH with gust to 25 or more, so I took my 243. It has been a while since I have forsaken the Swift for the 243.

Decided I would just go with the flow and get thru the day. I figure that today will be the last day of coyote hunting this week anyway as the weather people are calling for 50% or more chance of rain all week except Thursday then chance is high but late evening.

First set is the Aberdeen farm a small dairy operation about 100 cows milking but a lot of crop farming. Last year they had over 2000 acres into soy beans. A couple of the guys had did whistle pig control there in August.

We set up in a hay field corner, again Saginaw Valley flat lands but some gawd awful drainage ditches just right for coyotes, it made dens in and they get real brushy so provides cover for rabbits and mice.

20 minutes of calling and nothing showed. Brent said it was probably the wind. Drive about 15 miles to Wilkerson sheep farm, at least there is some rolling to this farm. We set up on a hill fence line and I had talked Brent into trying some mating call sounds. He agreed but insisted because of the wind to crank the volume up.

After 20 minutes we were leaving. Brent couldn’t even wait the full 30 minuses with out seeing any thing.
Two more farms with the same results about had Brent calling it quits. Kept saying the wind was to strong, the other guys I have hunted with don’t seem to have wind problems unless it is really cranked up to straight line 25 and gust near 50 MPH.

Fifth farm a crop operation has a small island marsh area near a wood lot, large one for this area about 40 acres. We get set up and Brent is back on the frantic Rabbit in distress, at 15 minuses I can see the figits setting in and at 20 minutes Brent is up and after the decoys. As he is coming back he yells behind you, I turn to see the rear of a coyote heading south bound at 100MPH.

It is so near sun set and Brent is Bummed he said he is done for the day, to windy he said.

So that was the day. Never occurred to him the last coyote we did see had circled and if he would have been setting it would have showed up near the decoys.

This is Brent.

:D Al
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