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I'm finally chining in as l finally got Monday to get on Charlie, HHH? ;)
Went tp pick up the grand then found out he has appointments all through the week. We went out for ice cream to keep it from being a bust for an 8yo. Will retrieve him tomar.
I also misremebered a Dr appt for church lady by half hour. She drove herself. I'm slipping.
Stopped by Stellantis dealership who fixed the evap core but left me w no operating wipers.
Ended up speaking w a company $$ principal.
I calmly explained the lack of timely comms, the excuses awa no wipers on the weekend trip, discovered w 30 miles behind us. He was honestly attentive.
A plug was not fully seated to wiper motor. They had to pull dash to R/R. They have another one w exact same problem and awaiting the replacement. A sign of the times. "Owner" said the quality of the repair parts had become sketchy to boot.
Getting a pedi now. The fungus has been vanquished after too many years. Hope I don't have to turn in my Man Card.
Leaving for Seattle Fri then on the bounding maine Sat.
It has been breezy but not like our suthern folk. Upper 40s then 70. Washed the Toy Sat in prep for winter polish. Will need to do it again as Dinah needed it for a short road trip yday. I wasn't about to put her out there w no wipers.
I guess that is everything worth a half mention. Tom out
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