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I can't let our friend @Gabriel be pig's tail, so.
The burglars are definitely armed and dangerous. I probably wouldn't hear them break in, but bullets would fly if I did.
Not much of That in Rural Kentucky.
@charlie sterner I hope you have a safe flight home, and stay out of Turbulence...which is definitely scary. Oldest boy was on a flight to Japan several years ago and it was about like the one last week in the news.
He said the flight attendants were lying in the floor holding on and everyone thought it was The End. He said they fell what seemed Forever.
Nuff that.
HBD to @TinMan and many more.

JB and I had a busy morning. Tree fell and shorted lectric fence, Damcows in Hay pile, couldn't get them out and had to get JB on the Ranger with a bucket of Salt. Finally got them out and cows in another field. Wore out.
No photos taken so didn't happen.
She has buzzed out to a grocery store at Mt V.
Everyone have a safe day and try to avoid THIS KFC in England.
Food Ingredient Finger Cuisine Dish

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With the lay of the land here, it would be very difficult for emergency vehicles to get to the residents, including Mom, if we don't take care of the snow. If push came to shove, the town would send in one of their big plow trucks in front of an ambulance or fire truck but we'd rather not let it get to that point. As we often get tractor trailers delivering things, we need to have lots of turn around and go around area.
Interesting, Ken, and I certainly understand the necessity for you to do lots of snow plowing. Here's hoping this storm isn't bad.
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