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Monday morning and I'm still in Italy

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Good morning to all y'all in the states. It's cool and sunny here but going to 70 today..
Yesterday's activities were a visit to the commissary for grub. I noticed a T bone steak was $15.95 per pound. Captain Jesse had to get a haircut and it cost him $20 same for the Privates too.
I visited my favorite Italian Restaurant....Burger King where I had a Double Whopper and it was indeed very good.

We proceeded on to the other separate base where most of the soldiers live and Jesse retrieved his laptop so. he could do work. I couldn't take photo s but just Google Federal Prison a d you know what it looks like. No food but the mess hall with exception of a subway with almost no food. There have been a lot of Suicides here and I now know why. Of course it never hits the news.

Today's journey will be on foot....down to the Gelateria which opens a 3pm. Stores open here for a while in the morning....close again at 3pm for a few hours. Weird to me.
I hear we had a big wind storm in Kentucky, probably have a tree or two on the fences.

The only thing I see here that is firearms related is some dove hunting in the morning over harvest corn and soybean fields. Greyfox, the doves here make a strange call different from the ones at home. Koger and Charlie, no deer to be seen anywhere, but I hear there are some up in the mountains 20 miles away.
I hope to see NYC tomorrow evening sometime, then on to Cincynatti and spend the night in Carl P's barn.
Hayes a nice day folks.
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34° here in Upstate NY this morning the high temperature for today will get up to about 46°.

Yesterday after church I came home, had a call from a fellow who wanted to join the gun club. He came to the house, filled out the application and I got him signed up. Other than that I took life easy, did some paperwork for the club, talked to the club Pres. for awhile about a couple of things we want to do.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
Hurry home JR. We Need You

They’re reporting that the caravan moving north through Mexico is now 7,000 strong and expected to double before it reaches Pulaski County.
I can’t help but wonder if there is some Italian fella stuck here in the States longing for home because he misses linguini, his greyhound, and his 6.5 Carcano .?

34 degrees here and getting up to 62 today. Caught up on my chores for now so a trip to the range might be in order today after work.

Make it a good day
Good Morning

32 here in NC Ohio with sunshine on the way. I personally love Italian food so the next time you head to the boot country , keep me in mind. Carl mentioned the 6.5 Carcano, I sold some sheep when I was younger and I got $6.95 for them. I wanted to buy my first centerfire rifle and the only thing available was the carcano. That thing would hit anything beyond 30 feet!! Then I had enough money for a Douglas barrel done by Bill Conley. then it would shot if you can pull the trigger!!!! Be safe and Prayers to those and country. Mike
Good morning from Waseca and glad to not be in Italy 😊
32 and calm, high in the 50's.
Lots to do today, mostly running around to various places getting things in order for leaving next week.
Priority 1 is drivers license.
Hope everyone has a blessed day,
Great morning folks,

34°, clearing sky with a high of 56° for today here near Halfway USA.

The wind was slack in the early morning so I got the oil changed in the ******* Limo. Though only 3500 miles on the last change, with a road trip planned, I'd rather spend $$ oil than a worn out engine. After all, oil is cheap and engines are expensive.

Despite the cool 40°, I changed around some batteries in the truck camper. That needed some wiring changes. That effort, gave it a bit more capacity. The old batteries can be installed in the 5th wheel & that may get done today in the warmer part of the day.

I also got the barn cleaned up a bit. Well, at least things got put away.

In the late afternoon as the outside temperature dropped, I fired up the wood stove. That addition of cheap BTU's is always welcome. The blower system is in need of a change out. I am going to get rid of the 3 small fan on the front. I can fabricate a tube & single large blower and locate it in the utility room. That will remove the noise from the living room, something Debra Dearest has been requesting.
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30 here high on RUGER Mt this morning with a pretty good frost.
This should get.the rock fish runing so, as soon as I get a report I'm
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

Good morning, GoGo. It's my first wake-up in a while in Louisville. Had a really good week in the Smokies, but it's good to be home. I bet JR agrees. It's 37 outside, going to 65 with lots of sun.

After church, lunch and a nap yesterday, around 4 p.m. I got outside and tackled a job I've sort of been putting off. Around last January a close friend in Northern Kentucky gave me two sizable black cherry logs to split and use for knife handles, cutting boards, and such. They've been sitting up against the house, under the eaves where they wouldn't get all the rain. They were beginning to check and grow wood ears, so I knew I needed to get them split. But I'm not a JR or a Skruske and know squat about splitting and working logs.

I bought a splitting wedge at Harbor Freight several weeks ago. Thought it was kind of pricey at around $25, but I knew I needed it. So I watched a couple of YouTube videos, drug out the logs and got started. As it turned out, that wedge and a hand sledge (aka Savage adjustment tool) split both logs right down the middle as slick as a gut. And I didn't get hurt! I then debarked the halves and mounted a tool on my angle grinder that's a knock-off of the King Arthur tungsten grinders. If you've never seen one of these gizmos you can check it out here. The cherry logs I was working are 13-15" across and 16-23" long. Right under the bark is a layer about half to three-quarters inch that's kind of pithy. I took a little of that off, but not all. I think I need to grind all the way through that soft layer, but wanted to talk first to someone who can tell me for sure.

That King Arthur grinder worked beatifully and seems like it'll be fairly controllable. I'm hoping to make a dough trough from at least one of the logs and this grinder ought to be just the ticket for gouging out the bowl. If any of you have done something like that and have tips, I'd appreciate you dropping me a PM.

That's about it from here in Louisville this morning. Charlie, I get to check off another Monday. Short week for me as Miss Cindy and I are driving to my hometown of Paducah after work Thursday to see the Healing Wall, which is a fairly new, traveling 3/4-size version of the Vietnam Memorial. Paducah is my hometown and that of an uncle who died in 1968 in Vietnam, so his name's on that wall.

Y'all have a good'n and be safe out there.
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morning all. 35 with low to mid 60s later again. Still might get some moisture Tues. and Wed. we'll see...
Breakfast is over and Gwyn is on her way to work, guess I'm just slow this morning.
Had a nap after church and lunch then worked in the workshop most of the afternoon. Sighted in a 22 the I worked on for my BIL, then cleaned the last black powder rifle. Wasn't too bad, kinda a nice one. Now with everyone's projects done maybe I can do some reloading and shooting.
Not sure what work I'll get done today, hope to clean up the balers and get them parked for the winter this week. Have a couple pickups that need serviced too.
Better get the chores done and head out around the farm, have a good day even if it is Monday.
good morning folks??? Not for me. Didn't want to get out of bed and come back to work after having a few days off, but I did anyway. Then I go to start the truck and CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, nothing.:( Freakin' dead battery...or worse TWO dead batteries. It's a die$el. OUCH. Called a bud about jumping it since I had no experience with diesels. Ended up putting a 50A charger on one battery and hooking jumper cables to another spare battery that luckily, I just charged yesterday, and was sitting next to the truck. Left her sit 10 min. or so hooked up and had just enough juice to turn it over. Drove right to the garage. Was kind of expecting it to happen sooner or later. I noticed a very slight hesitation on starting recently. At least it didn't happen way out in the boonies, or in MD over the weekend.

It's 35º here with sunshine and light winds. Boy it sure blew here the last few days. Yesterday I winterized all the hoses and the fish pond. Figured it was a good time to do it, while it was still well above freezing. I also got the boat ready to go fishing the end of this week, if the weather holds. Charged the batteries, loaded everything up, got tackle ready, etc. I also mowed the back yard, finally. I bagged it up and it took 6 times to empty the bag. Usually takes 2-3 bags. It was a little long and lots of leaves. Maybe I won't have to do but once or twice more this year???

Well I guess I should get busy. Need to catch up from last week and get ahead this week so I can take off Thurs and Fri again. Have a good one.

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42 on the way to 75 here in the shadow of Mt. Shasta.

Took a look at the fire damage south of town of Dunsmuir. The burn is large and very ugly. Many miles of forest have been burned. They are lucky it didnt get further north, or Dunsmuir would have been in real danger. As always, we need rain very badly. Maybe there is a chance later this week.

Might have had a lion in the area last night. The dogs were on high alert. Lions are a protected species here. The result has been a decimated deer population and now any loose pets are disappearing. Mess with my dogs and I really won’t care what the fools in Sacramento have to say about them being “protected”.

Have a good day, and be careful out there.
morning gang! 30 an heading up to 60 today, got to take mom to Doc, monthly visit, then clean up 2 ML's and put them up, do some gun work, and work on my honey do list. You all have a good day, remember those in need of prayers, Buff out!

good morning y'all. I'm a late to the show again and it's already 49 in Indy. Supposed to get to the lowuh 60s. Dang heat wave.

JR, what part of KY is Italy in? Thought it was near the Verona Vinyard at Rabbit Hash but I can't find it on the map.

Charlie, I think that's the way batteries do nowadays. They give you one warning then just flat quit. None of that slowly getting weak stuff.

JC, SSS. Shoot, shovel, and shutup! That might be some serious digging, though.

Mikey, "sledge and wedge". I believe you've got the makings for a C&W song there amigo. And pith on splitting logs!

CarlP, I expect the Dems will be registering those people to vote soon as they get out of the water.

Have a good day.
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JC...I agree with Doug. Just be sure it doesn't have a tracking collar on it!!!

Doug...Miss Sue's Explorer battery just did the same thing last month! I drove to pick her up at the hospital, came outside to leave 10 min later and it was DEAD. Expensive too!!! :mad:
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