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Monday Morning

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57° here in Upstate NY this morning, it rained off and on yesterday but nothing really hard. We had some rain overnight also and today it is to clear up and be partially cloudy with a high temperature about 71°.

I took life easy most of the weekend and I know this week will probably be hectic again.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Great morning folks,

As morning twilight continues to brighten we see 54° and a big clear sky here near Halfway USA. The prediction is for a beautiful day with a high of 77° and sunshine all day. Come on over, we'll get ice cream later. :D

Did some touch up on the Hoe House after DD inspected our work. She repainted the lettering on the original "Deb's Dear Blind" sign we brought with us to the Halfway House & I screwed it back on the porch wall. All is good.

Grass got mowed & then I started whittlin' on another hunk of aluminum. It's starting to resemble another lower already. More drilling & milling today.

The ******* Limo goes to the mechanic this morning for an ABS sensor replacement. They should have it ready in a couple days. I figure it should only be about 4 hours work but we'll see.

Errands to run today also.

Time to start the mental planning for Prairie Dog Safari 2018. We are less than a month away from the best part of the summer.
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Good Morning

61 this morning in NC Ohio with temps going to 93 by Sunday, not my favorite. Well guess I have to take this computer in for a check up, think the mouse is dying. Wouldn't have to do that if I lived closer to George!! Be safe and Prayers to those and country. Mike
Good Morning from Waseca, 56 and partly cloudy with an orange glow over the lake. I need to get up and out on the lake some morning to photograph the morning.
77 for a high today and no rain forecast.
Truck and RV still need washing, wife says so and there will be no peace till I do.
Need to make a Menards run for more shelf lumber. Busy day.
Hope everyone is ready for the week,
Morning boys...
66 with rain this morning here high on RUGER MT this morning.
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

morning all. 40 here, 37 over in town. Kinda cool! Will get to the low 80s this afternoon.
Lots of hard wind yesterday again, dirt blew off some fields. Even blew some of the windrowed hay away. :eek:
Had to work on a sprinkler yesterday afternoon, but did get in a good nap first :D
Breakfast is almost ready, better get, have a good day and be safe.
Good morning varmints. It's 68º with 78% humidity. Gonna be a steamer again today. Yesterday was terribly humid, although the temps were just in the low 80's. We had 95% humidity in the afternoon, followed by 100% when a narrow band of storms came thru and dumped on us. That helped a lot, and I didn't have to water the grass or garden.

Well, the buffing, waxing etc. on the boat is DONE! I got the last of it compounded and buffed out by about 1PM but the high sun was blasting me and the boat so I had to quit for awhile. As the sun moved behind the trees I got started and mom showed up to help. We put a layer of wax on, followed by a wax/sealer, and finished up just as the storm was approaching. She's beading up nicely now! I also finished waxing the metal. I need to give it a sealer coat and I'm done. Little bit of clean up to do inside the console and around the motor and it'll look good as new...well pretty good for a 28 year old boat.

Back to work this morning. Another Monday closer to retirement! Have a good one.

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Back to work this morning. Another Monday closer to retirement! Have a good one.

Good Monday morning, GoGo. Like Charlie, I'm getting my attitude adjusted and Monday's aren't so bad after all. I still can't quite imagine what it's gonna be like to not have to go to work at least five days a week. These last few months (I hope) are in fact flying by. I'm still hoping for a target date next January or February, but I do have friends advising me to keep working as long as I feel like it and am enjoying my colleagues and the work.

It's 71 in Louisville, scattered rain, and only going to 78. Any day that we aren't in the mid-90s is a good one by me. As our Buckeye Mike (MPC) indicated the heat will return by this weekend, so we need as much moisture in the ground as we can get.

George, I have a flashing orange light on my laptop that says the battery isn't charging. I've done what troubleshooting I know to do and it appears that indeed the battery has expired. The good news is that replacements are available and only $30-$40. It's running OK without the battery, but I guess I'll go ahead and order a new one.

Y'all have a good day and be safe out there.
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These last few months (I hope) are in fact flying by. I'm still hoping for a target date next January or February, but I do have friends advising me to keep working as long as I feel like it and am enjoying my colleagues and the work.
You need better friends! :D I say give 'em their job back and go enjoy life.

As far as months flying by... The days will drag and the weeks will fly. BTDT.
Good morning the shop this morning trying to get a few things done that popped in over the weekend...things tend to get dropped off outside the door. Got to rebuild a hog feeder that got beat up pretty good and finish up a couple flat top grill covers for a buddy then its back onto the stainless steel cones. I need to go pick up 2 more skids of cone halves for that job.

My tumbler finally died as a wire came out of the motor itself...I though it broke at the butt connector I put in when I bypassed the switch years ago. It was bought at Midway before the put the Frankford Arsenal brand on them....I'm guessing 25years old probably. My buddy has one I think I can get that he doesn't use but may look into a rotary this time.

I loaded a few more 20 tac yesterday until grilling and beer drinking got in the way.

Everyone stay safe and have a good day!
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Good Monday morning all. It's 69 in Indy heading for 81. Cloudy with a slight chance of rain but I'm playing golf anyway. I'm mostly water proof and the grandson is driving up from Vincennes to play. We leave for the Perry Park Golf Resort tomorrow. Perry Park, KY. May get rained on for three days there, too. Great golf destination, regardless!

Picked up my Caldwell BR Pivot table from ShaneG and Tony's custom shooting table fabrication shop Saturday. They made me a new center post more suitable for my stature. Raised both the seat and the table top. Julie can probably shoot off it standing up but it fits me perfectly. :D

Have a good day.
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