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Monday Morning

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68° here in Upstate NY this morning it is going to be another hot one today with the high temperature going up to 88°. We are supposed to get rain tomorrow which we really need.

Hopefully today will be not to bad, a couple of days last week were quite hectic. I am hoping for a better week this week.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good Morning

Morning George and others to follow. Its 72 now going to 88 with 60% chance of rain. I survived the day long show yesterday and brought home 5 new ones, better build another bed! Sun is about up so better get to planting. Be safe and Prayers to those and country. Mike
Good Morning, 63 in Waseca, high of 81 with equal humidity. No rain so I am going to Iowa Falls again to get the remainder of the reloading tools and the tool box full of gunsmithing tools. Need to see the lawyer and try to get the storage shed open to see what surprises await me in there.

We received 3 inches of needed rain over the weekend, yard needs mowing now, it will have to wait.

Hope you all have a blessed day,
Mornin boys...
70 here high on RUGER Mt this morning.
Ain;t sure what their giving for weather today.
We're supposed to start on the shooting shed
or range today for the teachers, don't know what they have
in mind. Just have to see...
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

morning all. Starting off at 55 and might get to 80 later. Flash flood watch for our area the last several days, need some rain to make that happen though!
Came home after church, had lunch and went to check on sprinklers, finally got back to the house at 2:30 and took a short nap. Then back to the sprinklers again. Worked in the hobby shop for a couple hours before supper and bed time.
Not sure what all will take place today, guess I'll know what happened when it's over :rolleyes:
Have a good day and be safe.
Good morning children of all ages. It’s 76 in Indy heading for 87. Feels like rain. If it doesn’t it’s gonna’ miss a good chance but the weather rock is dry right now. Time to break the overnight fast. Have a good day.
good morning folks. It's 72º here also with bright sunshine. We had about 10 drops of rain yesterday morning, enough to make the grass wet. I was a bum. Just too pooped to get any gumption to do anything. I did grease the wheel bearings on the boat trailer, worked on the shade sail for the boat, finished up some gel coat work and even got my tackle organized. After that, just watched hunting and fishing shows on the outdoor channel and I think I might even have taken a little nap. You need a day like that once in awhile.:)

Back to work today and no nap in my future. Have a good one.

Great morning folks,

Clouds are starting to increase as the temperature rises to 76° with a high near 90° for later here near Halfway USA. A thunder shower is likely as a front passes too.

The logistics team was busy yesterday. Equipment is getting loaded for transport to the war front. Big purses, peanut butter jars, ammo buckets, an RZR have been placed to balance the load. More to go in today. It will be ready to roll by dark.

It was a hot muggy one yesterday. I'd work outside for about an hour, then inside to cool down. Grass got cut. Not all of it needed it but it all got ran over.

A funeral for an old family friend today and an awards banquet for DD this evening.
Good morning, GoGo. It's 73 in Louisville, sprinkling rain, and going to 87 today. Spotty thundershowers are expected all day.

What I learned this morning is that when you marry a considerably younger woman, you marry her children as well. Maybe 2 months ago Cindy's boy, Scott (25), couldn't get his car to start, an obvious battery problem. So, ol' Mikey patiently figured out that it was a steel battery clamp that was rusted, couldn't be adjusted, and it wasn't letting the alternator charge the battery. Gave it a temporary fix by cleaning the parts and taking up the slack by turning in a couple of small screws between the lead terminal and the steel clamp. I then clearly told the boy, "OK, now this is temporary, if you stop by AutoZone they can look at this and sell you a replacement clamp, which you then bring over here and we'll put it on. Oh yeah, this needs to be done before the snow flies because it's miserable trying to do it in the cold." Well, this morning at 0630 the phone rings and Scott announces his car won't start and he was supposed to be at work at 6:30.

Ol' Mikey hustles over there, takes an umbrella because there's light rain, finds the battery terminal still nice and tight, but the battery is down. With the horribly hot weather and knowing the boy grew up without a daddy to teach him a battery needs water, my guess is the battery is damned near dry. Checking the fluid level requires removing both battery clamps, so we skipped that this morning, got him jump-started and on his way to work. He did remember how to operate the hood hold-open rod and remove the plastic cover that goes over the whole battery area. As I said, if you're considering marrying a younger woman, just be aware that you'll get to re-do some things you thought you were finished with. Poon Tang Tax. Ha!

Y'all have a good'n and it wouldn't hurt for all of us to start raising up prayers for the PD Safari Part B group. I think some of them blast off as early as Thursday or Friday of this week. Names you'd recognize in this group are Greyfox, Skruske, JR the Damcowfarmer and ShaneG. Scott's son Doug will join them in Montana, but I don't remember his board handle right now. I think the whole group is around 10 guys, maybe 12.


PS. Charlie, let's check off another Monday. :)
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Mornings about over now......Came to the shop for a bit yesterday trying to get as much done before leaving Thursday. Guns and ammo is ready to go still got to pack up a few more things and try not to forget anything too important. Hot and humid here today at the shop still welding cones.

I'll probably break off for a bit to go dig a hole to bury my dads dog. Black lab he took in 9 or 10 years ago someone dumped in the road. She'd been a good dog but has tumors in her lungs and has been coughing a while and now is coughing up a little blood. He is supposed to take her to get put to sleep sometime today.

Hopefully the rest of the week goes smooth and it cools off some!

Everyone have a good day!
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