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Monday Morning

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68° here in Upstate NY this morning with the high temperature going up to about 78°. There is a chance for showers and rain all the way through Thursday this week. We got some rain yesterday but not that much here.

I kept yesterday a quiet day, got home from church and just took it easy. A friend from the club wanted me to go up there but there were five others going and I declined. I am more a loner and I much prefer to go shoot by myself or with one other close friend.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Mornin George and the gang...
67 here high on TUGER MT this morning.
Got to go in a hour earlier this morning.
Got to meet a guy, just more overtime to fish
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

Good Morning, it's a cool 59 in Waseca this morning. High of 77 and maybe some rain later. I will be going to Iowa Falls again to work on Gary's estate.
I spent yesterday afternoon setting up my computer desk. Finally, after the winter house flood I have a work space of my own. In the evening I went out to one of the local lakes to take pictures. It was so calm and peaceful, the swallows were zooming around catching bugs and the sunfish were in a feeding frenzy jumping out of the water doing the same.

Monday morning and time to get to work, Hope everyone has a blessed day,
Good Morning

Its 64 this morning in NC Ohio with clouds going to 80. Time to get some things done around the Criswell ponderosa. Spent three days at the Mid Ohio tractor show and yesterday at the Criswell reunion. If I can get ahead of the weeds and the garden bed project I want to do a ammo test with the two 17 HMR rifles that I have. My buddy Bob has ordered a new Kimber hammerless handgun and wants me to go with him to pick it up, that's an easy answer. Life is Good !! Prayers to those and country. Mike
morning all. 60 here on the way to high 80s, with possible moisture for the whole week.
After church we went for a drive thru where the big fire burned, what a mess and so sad. Burned houses everywhere and the pine forest gone, only dead black trees standing, just waiting for a wind to knock them all down. :eek: Amazing how so many homes burned and in the middle of them will be one left untouched, with trees burned right next to them.
Off to a funeral of a old friend today, then home and back to work.
Have a good day and be safe.
good morning folks. It's low 70's and WET here. News channel said we had over 7 inches in the county since Saturday. Surprisingly, not many issues. Other areas are experiencing major flooding, water rescues, etc. Ours seems to come in short bursts and isn't causing many issues...yet. They just said on the radio another 4-8 inches possible over the next few days. Supposed to rain until Thurs or Fri. :eek: So glad I'm not on vacation this week, although the forecast for next week isn't out yet.

Yesterday turned out to be a pretty nice day actually. It didn't rain until 3-4 pm. I managed to work on the boat a bit, and even got part of the back yard mowed. Had a little time to relax.

Well, back to work. Need to do my timesheet then a meeting at 9. Have a good one!

Particularly great morning,

It's about 55° with a mostly clear sky out here on a hill in central Montana.

Shooting this year ain't quite as good as it has been but if you look you can find stuff to turn inside out.

The circus is set up & the last damnclown arrives in Billings in a few hours.

New guy Craig took right to the task at hand. He flew into Billings Sunday with Corey.

Corey wasted no time laying waste to the hole diggers.

Doug did one off hand in a wind toward the end of the day.

Wouldn't be much of a report without at least one blowed up pic.

Opportunity for long range shooting will be limited this year but we did find one spot to give it a try out to around 1350 yards.
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