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Monday Morning

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68° here in Upstate NY this morning, the high today is supposed to be up around 90°.

Hot day yesterday with the temperatures in the high 80's, went to church in the morning and then got the lawn done in the afternoon. I am going "Up Home" fishing this morning, everything else can wait.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good Morning

70 this morning in NC Ohio with some rain on the way. Lots of garden work and lawn mowing in store for the day. Almost sounds like a full time job doesn't it? Time for a cup of Colombian and get at it. Prayers to those and country. Mike
Mornin boys...
67 here high on RUGER Mt this morning.
Got to go in 2 hours early this morning. Should
be the last day of this foe awhile.
George, hope you catch all you want to today.
I'm going to take some comp time soon and see
if I can catch a few.
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

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Good morning from Lebanon Missouri where it's 74 now and a high of 97. The three of us are pulling out at 10am to drive to Branson. Nothing else planned yet, we will see what happens when we get there.
Hope everyone has a blessed day,
76* going to 90* on the south shore of lake erie. I just got the sinclair dies for the .221 FB and might start loading a few to dial it in.
morning all. 50 here in south-central Colo. on the way to mid 80s again. Could get some showers this afternoon. Had a wet afternoon yesterday, just enough to stop the haying again for a day or so.
Church yesterday then straight home to bale, but the rain beat us to the field! Came home and picked our chokecherrys, only have one small bush but got 9.5 lbs off of it!:) Should make some great jelly and syrup.
Even got a nap in while it showered again.
Not sure what will take place today but sure I'll fine something to do.
Have a great day and be safe.
Good morning, GoGo. Charlie, I'm checking off another Monday and keeping my fingers crossed about being able to retire within a year. It's 71 in Louisville, going to 90 with a good chance of thundershowers today. Yesterday hit a blistering 97 degrees.

The NHRA Hot Rod Nationals wrapped up their 4-5 day annual meet here yesterday. I don't know if attendance was down or what, but I didn't see that many custom rods tooling around town, as I usually do.

Charlie, I don't know what to say about your not-vacation to Hatteras, except that I sure wish you had better weather. With both fishing and hunting, you're gonna have a certain number of bad days, so at least you go several of those checked off. Maybe that means your late summer and fall fishing on the bay will be a whole lot better.

Y'all have a good'n and be safe out there. And don't forget our friend Tom (TAJ45) as he gains strength and gets his legs back under him after that bad fall.
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Good morning folks. It's 71° here, feels good, but going to the 90's later. Boy it felt good to sleep in my own bed again. Took today off to clean up and put things away, and to decompress from the long ride home. We still have our granddaughter for the day, so I promised I'd take her over to the neighbor's pond to do some fishing, since it was too rough for her in Hatteras. First, I've got to get her awake:rolleyes:

Yeah Mike, hopefully the weather gods take pity on me and grant great hunting and fishing weather this fall. I think I deserve it.

Well, she's up. I better get some coffee in me and get moving. Have a good one.

Great clear sky morning folks,

Currently 61° and likely to warm up here in the wiles of Wyoming.

Busy enough yesterday. Shot some suppressed weapons in the morning. Moved Doug's modem from up stairs to the basement That required relocating the phone wire & adding a new A.C. plug. Took the dogs for an RZR ride. The little foo foo dog was strapped in but Eva the boxer has a flatter nose from getting bumped into the dash.

Errands to run & a gun shop to visit. I think I "need" a new Midland Backpack 12ga.
Good morning the shop and first thing was serious weed spraying of the parking lot and around the building. Used a year long killer this time, sprayed once before and next rain it started coming back up...not sure what it was but not good enough.
I was here at the shop yesterday doing some cleaning and drug out the old SA200 Lincoln welder and fired it up and blew it off. It is going up for sale here real soon as its a big heavy machine that I don't use so it will free up some room.

I got my power washer at the house and need to spray the garage to get the loose flaking paint off the block so it can get a little makeover before winter. I also need to paint the small barn and trim in some places as well.

Well off to get back to work it is already just plain nasty hot and humid.
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Morning gang! Hope this finds all doing well. I had a great weekend, ended up going to the range Saturday, did some serious load development for 45/70's and ended up shooting nearly 100 rounds with some help from a buddy! We were shooting a 1st year Marlin 1895 guide gun, a Wessington and Richardson made by H&R , and a Browning hi wall. The Marlin an H&R both had scopes, on them and with some cast 355g HP's I had made shot very well, into less than 2" at 100yds for 5 shot groups, the ones I had shot as cast, just moly coated shot 5 into 1.5"a t 100, will be definitely be looking into this more! These bullets were mot sorted by weight either. The load of the day was a pretty hot load using 300 gr Hornady HP's, and they shot a ragged hole from both the Marlin and the H&R, both with 2x7 scopes, the hole being about an inch long, for 5 rounds, now that is putting them in their with a big ole slug. We also shot some weighed cast 405 grs, an old standby load, that grouped in about 11/4 inches at 100 yds. The Browning Hi Wall shot a ragged hole at 50 yds with open sights and put three shot groups into 1.5-2.00 inches at 100yds with open sights, for 4 different loads!!! This was the sleeper, and it has fine iron sights, but may be going to put a good peep sight on it to really see its potential. I have decided that I am going to deer hunt this year with a iron sighted 45/70 of some sort!! Remember those in need of prayer, buff out!
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Good late morning all. It’s 80 heading for 90 in Indy. Been running my regular trap line and added a stop at Home Depot to pick up new rollers for the garage door. Youtube says they’re easy to replace. We shall see about that! Julie just painted it so it looks like I’ll be rebuilding the danged thing one piece of hardware at a time.

Have a great day.
I'm in my usual place. Sitting in a chair. Temp is below 100 this week, but because we have passing showers so humidity is 100%.

I have rigged up some weights - wheel weights in milk jugs - to do some upper body exercising. Twice a day doing 10-12 reps 3 times on upper body/arms and as many push ups as I can do at a time.

I have already gained 8lbs sitting all the time. Might cut down to 2 meals a day. Taking a protein supplement so hope that helps. Good news is pain is minimal unless I twist just right. :D

Kinda sounds like a I had a better day (morning) than most of you guys. I went to the gun range this morning with the DW in tow. Got a new 10/22 build I just finished zeroed and a couple "hunerd" rounds of cheap ammo thru it to break in the barrel and check functionality.

Wife liked the first one I built so much she took it over (hence the 2nd build), but then decided she didn't like the scope or color of the stock, so had to change all that out and adjust it to fit her. Now she just needs to shoot more often than once every 3 months or so. ;)

Now I'm sitting in the AC cause the heat index is right at a "hunerd" here in E TN. LOL

Hey Jim. Better keep those 10/22s separated or they'll reproduce. Next thing you know you'll have five of 'em.
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