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Monday Morning

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66° here in Upstate NY this morning with the high temperature going up to about 82°. It is to be humid today and tomorrow especially tomorrow with the temperature up to about 90°.

Fairly quiet day yesterday, went to church in the morning and then I went up to the gun club in the afternoon. I had to replace three chains that were broke on two gongs. We have to figure out another way to attach them as it keeps happening and I am getting tired of fixing them.

MY wife and I are going up to the NYS fair today, it is one of the senior days so there will be no admission for us. We go up each year and enjoy it a lot.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good morning from Iowa Falls, 75 with light rain. Muggy.
Hope everyone has a Monday. It's back to work here. Some admin stuff and try to get a better weight on all the lead. 28 5 gallon buckets of range scrap. It is spoken for but we need to get a better weight.
Hope everyone has a blessed day,
Good Morning

Starting at 72 going to 90 so muggy you can cut it with a knife. This old round, low to the ground will not be digging in the dirt today. A few chores when the sun is up maybe some grass remowing when dry. Everyone be safe and Prayers to those and country. Mike
morning all. 45 to start, on the way to low 80s. No precep in sight for the week. Could get some hard breezes today, 35mph.
Enjoyed the day without any work, got in a short nap after getting home from church. Then made a trip over to the farm shop to see what was happening, not much.:)
Finally got the 6.5 creedmore all together, now for a chance to take it to the range.
Time to move along, have a good day.
good morning folks. It's 68º here with scattered fog. Like MPC said, it's going to be a steamer here as well. Chance of storms later today, maybe. Be in the 90's the next few days. We sure had pretty weather the last 3-4 days though, so I can't complain.

Didn't do much yesterday. I did finally clean my muzzleloaders from the range trip Aug. 11. With Blackhorn 209 powder, you don't need to clean right away. Didn't take much to get them clean. Much easier than black powder or pyrodex. The blued CVA had a bit of a rust spot in it that keeps coming back. And it's got some speckles on the outside. I need to keep that baby lubed up.

Miss Sue and I went for groceries in the morning and came home with a half bushel of crabs and we picked about 2/3 of them yesterday afternoon. Good stuff. Sure is easier to sleep in and pick them up at the store, than getting up a 2AM and doing all that work down at the Bay trying to catch them. Plus the store is a "sure thing". Never know if you'll catch any at the Bay or not.

Back to work Mike...another Monday closer to retirement. Better do my timesheet and see what's waiting on my desk. Have a good one.

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Good morning, GoGo. It's 74 in Louisville, going to 93. Humidity is so thick I think you could lay a catfish in the yard and he'd make it just fine today.

I worked way harder this weekend than I have in some time. A good college buddy has deer-hunting access on a farm owned by his brother-in-law down near Edmonton, KY. I've hunted there a few times off and on and it was time for some payback. We put in one large and one small food plot as well as some other odds and ends. I haven't driven a tractor in nearly 50 years, but I picked it back up pretty quick. I got to operate a vintage Oliver that for some reason had a steering wheel off a Fiat car. We used a pull-behind seeder for most of the seeding, but some had to be put down with a hand-crank seeder and I drew the short straw on that part of the work. Man, I zig-zagged back and forth across those fields about a gazillion times.

Y'all have a good'n and be safe out there. As we were getting ready to leave the farm yesterday our host was cutting some wood for me to use making knife handles. He got inattentive for just a second and took chunks out of a thumb and forefinger with a table saw. He got to an emergency room here in Louisville about 9:30 p.m. or so. The good news is that X-rays showed he didn't get into the bone. The bad news is that those digits are just full of nerves. Whatever you're doing today, pay attention.
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Morn8ng boys...
Kinda foggy here high on RUGER Mt this morning. Temps are
go I g up like everybody's. Feel better since I've been able to get
some sleep. Glad that's over.
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

Heavy fog in the hollow and low 70's. Fog in August traditionally indicates snow in January. Whatever. Will be on the road today in Clarksville TN and Hopkinsville KY. Need to finish loading ammo for the UBR Nationals this W/E. It looks to be a short week.

G'day Y'all,

Morning from the Left coast, only in the mid 80's today, light wnd and I'm headed to the range, it's 0550 and dark still but it's getting towards buck season and the public range will get busy by mid morning so an early start is good. You guys are 3 hrs in front of me, so have a great day and keep your head on a swivel.
Well Mike, that Oliver is high on rubber, fresh alternator (prob generator) and a coozie on the were set.
Yaeh, it don't take but a split second to know when you've skee-rood up. I'm glad he missed the bones.
75° here and plenty hoomid like everyone else. That heat pattern covered abt 80% of the E. half of our US of A. Back to being August.
Bridge this morning after another so-so night's sleep. Rest was a bit short but that will come back on line eventually. I started some basic Bridge instruction w Dinah last night. I had forgotten how much there was to explain to a beginner.
Not much else of note here this AM sooooo....Have fun, Tom out.
GF, we don't need to read tea leaves to predict snow in NE PA in January. Onle less thing to loose sleep over, I guess cuz it is going to happen.

Good morning all. It's 81 in Indy and the humidity has dropped to 75%. Somebody decided we should wait until the temperature gets closer to 90 before we play golf. Heat index should be right about 100 by then. I'll be there, jug of ice water in hand.

Julie didn't even get shot once at yesterday's training session. She enjoyed it and proclaimed it worth while despite the heat. Most commercial ranges will not allow you to draw and shoot and that's what it was about. They had them drawing, shooting 6 rds, reloading, and shooting 5 more rds against time. Had to hit a paper plate. Don't know the distance but I'm sure it was very close. She said she got down to just under 10 seconds.

Better start getting ready to get ready for the rigors of the day. Hydrate and have a good day.
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45TAJ, Tom, My Mothers words ring softly in my ears to this day; "When in doubt, Lead Trump" Enjoy the bridge game. John Kruzan
late check in boys! Going to be 90 here today, hot and muggy ,I will be working in the shop some, trying not to get to hot, as that causes chronic fatigue after the strokes! Anti gun a phobes on the news after the shooting in Florida yesterday, guy shot 11, killed 2, he was one of the two when he offed himself!!! May try to get the bushog on and do a little mowing today, or tomorrow! You all have a good one, remember those in need of prayers, Buff out!"
Good noontime from the sticks of Kentucky, started out about 7 am for London KY with a tractor tire. Again. Flat yesterday on one I of the small tractors but it was a rear one of course. We jacked it up yesterday, involved it an Wallered it into a trailer on the back of JBs Nissan truck. Got to the tire shop and was first in line for repair. New tire from Thailand, new Tube from Korea some ******* muscle from Clay County Kentucky and I was on my way. Same old boy that came and repaired the last 2 bigguns on the farm last month. He did get his Tip today that he was afraid to haul home in the company truck last month. ....
Then took JB out for lunch at the Castle....White Castle of course.

Landed back here and will wait on Jackson to get off work and help with the tractor tire. Mucho Cheaper when you get them to the shop......$460 damage this time.
Heading out to rake the hay I cut a couple days ago and ball it up afterwards.
What happened to Was Skruske? I bet he's kicked back in some deserted area with a snack bar made from sawdust.

Still NO Baby in DamItaly. 2 days overdue already. Damwimmen always late.
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