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Monday Morning

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21° here in Upstate NY this morning with the high temperature for today to get up to about 30°.

Peaceful day of rest yesterday, I didn't do a heck of a lot but rest. I have a dentist appt. this morning and the a normal routine. Week will probably be busy for me and that is all right, I am use to it.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good Morning

Good morning George and others to follow. It's 13 here in NC Ohio with the high to be 27. Have a PT, dr. appointment then meet my old buddy Bob for breakfast. Other than that and stove stuffing it will be a normal day for me. Be safe and Prayers to those and country. Mike
Mornin boys...
33 here high on RUGER Mt this morning.
They say in the teens tonight. We'll see...
Ain't looked out yet to see if we got any more
white stuff. It was real fine stuff blowing before
I went to bed. Don't know what I'll get into today.
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

G’morning all. It’s 17 in Indy and expected to reach the middle 30s. Julie’s working today then going straight to her nephew’s Cub Scout pack meeting. She’s doing a little presentation about fire safety to a bunch of 5 yr olds. She got coloring books and fire helmets for them in a packet including info for their parents on home safety planning. Should be a hoot but I don’t have any crayons so I’m not gonna’ play.

Off to the fried egg blind. Have a good day.
Good morning the shop and coffee is about done and sitting here in a back brace.:rolleyes: I have a lifting magnet that I use for lifting plate steel...kinda heavy but not too bad really. Well I guess as I went to set it on the floor I turned or bent just right and felt a pinch in a muscle.:mad: It was a little sore the rest of the day, got home about 6 ad it was getting worse....hurts like hell this morning! I still have a few long days left on these parts and the customer was asking for them 2 days after I got the material.:rolleyes:

I really need to get a couple parts ordered, gas block and forend for the AR so it can someday be put together. I still have my Rem700 tore down swapping it from .308 to 260AI and it stalled out as well.

Hope everyone has a good day I'm going to try even being gimped up and hobbling around!:D
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Good Morning

20 degrees this morning and that number should double by mid-afternoon. Spent yesterday organizing in the basement while my wife tended to Christmas activities. She is a bundle of self-induced stress and stays pretty busy this time of year. I just go into survival mode. Things will return to normal halfway through January. This cycle has been repeating itself for over 30 years now.

Dad and I enjoyed some fresh trout for dinner last night. Looking forward to that again one evening this week.

I managed to turn a big pile of firewood into a small pile of ashes this weekend also. Those will get cleaned out tonight and more firewood will get fed to the stove. It was cold this weekend but the snow missed us. Roads were clear and it was smooth sailing on the drive to work this morning.

Make it a good day
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good morning folks. Another Monday down Mikey. It's 23º here, partly cloudy. Yesterday sure felt like snow, but we didn't have any. It's a mess south of us I hear. Looks like the Rugermites actually got off pretty easy. Lots of places got it worse. Did JR and Judy make out okay? I bet in this weather he's holed up in a comfy chair sipping on corn sqeezins.

Didn't do much yesterday. I pulled my trail cams and took the skirts off my deer stands. Made some supports for the cover over the boat. Had a big puddle of rain water turn into a block of ice and stretched it all out. Hopefully the supports fix this. Replaced a bad GFCI outlet outside. Then had trouble with the dang electrical box so I had to run to Lowes to get a new box. Dang Chinese junk metal. Screw holes stripped out on the first one. Christmas lights are working again.:rolleyes:

Well, better get some stuff done here today. Lots on the agenda this week. Tis the season.

Have a good one.

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Great morning folks,

Mostly cloudy, a little foggy and 27° has been the steady temperature for 4 hours here near Halfway USA.

A few chores got done yesterday afternoon. Stocking were hung with brass nails. Christmas cookies were baked and sampled. Y'all come around & try em. Blended dark roast coffee will be hot. :D

Debra Dearest wants a fireplace mantel for Christmas. "Not too big. Just big enough to fit here". Rough measure looks to be about 48 inches. She's going to be away this morning and tomorrow morning so I think I will start "creating" that from the wood piled in my barn. Going to change it up though. I'll cut it up and get it ready BUT I will wrap it up as a "some assembly required". She gets to help put together a custom hand crafted fireplace mantel.

Firewood will get moved today and of coarse, wood will get turned into some saw dust.
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morning all. 1 degree here this morning, a -5 over in town (Alamosa). They say we'll get to 40 this afternoon, we'll see how that turns out.
Slept in, Gwyn took the day off. She has a quilt to finish today so it can get somewhere by Christmas. Also she has so much vacation time to burn before Jan. 1. use or loose.
Think I'll try to get some more done on the old Dodge project today, unless I become distracted … not hard to do these days.
Better get to the chores, damcows waiting for water.
Have a good one and stay warm and safe.
Morning gang, 30 here at this time, heading to 36, low of 16 here tonight. I have a dental appointment, in an hour or so, then running a few errands with the wife. Man getting around on crutches is getting old, and my sciatica in my left leg is killing me, due to putting all my weight on it as I cant put any on my left leg. Don't hurt too bad if I just sit around all day, but I am about to go nuts doing that. I go back to the doc on the 28th, to get a bunch of tissue samples taken out of my hip and if they turn out ok, get a new hip put in, in a couple of weeks. Remember those in need of prayers, Buff out!
Dean, that "use it or lose it" vacation provision is a perverse benefit, outfit says they want you to have it but will take away if unused...would cost them nothing more to cash out or allow conversion to additional sick days.

I'm >20 years out of HR but many companies were going to PTO (Paid Time Off)-maximum time you'll be paid regardless of reason (vacation, sick, bereavement , mental health day or deer opener)..some may have limits on maximum time you can over but will usually cash out at retirement or when you leave if for other than CAUSE.

Companies have to carry such benefits on their books as a liability until paid. Most people look at benefits as part of their compensation - giving, then taking away is never well received. Outfits should never be surprised when employees take time off if they otherwise would lose it - and may come at times critical to the organizations mission(s).

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We had a use it or lose it. I was senior man and every year they would try to get me to change. The other guy was an minority and he used the r card a lot. I went to HO HR and pissed and moaned. The top HR man and I went to training school when both hired. he asked me how many times they had done that to me/ I had it documented, in writing. he just said take the time you have coming. No one will say a word. I still left over 6 weeks of VA CA when I retired.
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