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Monday Morning

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6° here in Upstate NY this morning with the high temperature to be up to about 29°. It is to be a sunny day and tomorrow we are to get up to about 7" of snow. It will be windy but the day it to be in the 30's.

I know I am going to be on the road today so I am glad it will be decent.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good Morning

Good morning George and all to follow. Its 13 and to warm enough to rain tonight and then the big freeze moves in. I'll be getting the greenhouse ready as much as possible today, but there's a good chance it will lose. But at least there's no tomatoes in there Yet!!!! Special Prayers for Sam today he needs this surgery to work. Be safe and Prayers to those and country. Mike
Good Morning from Trinity, it's 48 now going to 67 and will probably rain this afternoon.
Back to work today, I will be installing baseboard in the staff house. Lots of precise cuts and opportunities to make mistakes. I am hoping to finish tomorrow.
A Blessed day to everyone,
Morning Gents! Its 37º here and clear. Not much going on here right now. Duck season closed yesterday and I'm starting to think about the local Coyote population.
Well, 7* this am. The 2-3 inches of snow predicted turned into about 11 inches. 2 big pile ups on I 90. Each were a combo of 15 cars and trucks. Big mess. Driveway is cleared for the time being. Not a big drive, but big enough for one old man and a shovel. Everyone be safe and hunker down for the freeze that is on the way.
morning all. 7 above here also, but no snow and none on the way either.
Took it easy yesterday after church, short nap then just did nothing. :rolleyes: Oh I did shoot a couple air rifles that I was ask to clean up and check out but that was all that happened around here.
Will probably be a busy week again. Prayers for Sam and other too.
Have a good day and try to keep warm.

And I did whack another coyote yesterday afternoon, two in one day!!!:D
Mornin boys...
24 here high on RUGER Mt this morning.
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

good morning folks. It's 23º here in southcentral PA. Days are getting slightly longer each day. I'm ready for spring. It was a long, kinda boring gun raffle yesterday. We sat by a big window and watched the sunshine outside. Would have been nice doing something...anything, other than working. But ya gotta make the donuts! Mom and I did hit a bowl for $200, which was nice. I don't know how much she spent to win it though.:rolleyes: Supposed to be nice today, sunny and mid-30's. Snow begins tomorrow, but I think we're not going to see much. I have half a cord of wood in the basement. We're ready for the freeze.

AMEN MPC, prayers for Sam today, as well as our other extended GGVG family. Have a good one.

Good morning, GoGo. Looks like I have the warm temp East of the big river this morning as it's a balmy 32. High expected to be 52 or better this afternoon. Fairly nice tomorrow, too, before the cold front gets here, then single digits Wednesday and Thursday mornings.

Charlie, I'm going downtown today, in the office on a Monday morning, just like I've done for about 45 years. I'm picking my work-at-home days mostly based on temps this winter, and this week the cold mornings will be Wednesday and Thursday. I'm taking Friday off to drive to Paducah for a great nephew's birthday party. He's turning 3 and I think that's old enough for at least a pocketknife, but his mama wouldn't go for that at all. :)

Y'all have a good'n and be safe out there.
Good morning all.....about 20° here this morning and a little breezy. I went out and sighted in the 20tac AR yesterday afternoon and it done well with both 32's and the 40's. I have it tore back down though as I felt a burr on the crown of it lastnight. so to relieve any suspicion I'm going to re-crown it today if I get a chance then take it back out.
After I sighted it in I drove around checking snares, all were empty so far. I decided to make a few laps in the area and when going past one of the feed lots I spied movement about 500yards out in the pasture....sure enough it was a coyote. I stopped and got out and found place to set up and fire off a shot....the whole time it was out there watching me. No range finder on me so I just guessed and held about a foot over its back. I was able to see snow fly up about 2ft short and to the left a little and he put the afterburners on.

Should be getting a dump truck in here today to reline the bed and fix a couple of rust issues and it's gonna be a hot one I'm sure I'll ge4t asked about every few days if it's done yet.:rolleyes:

hope everyone has a good one.
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KF, get him a rubber knife. Loved it when I was a toddler. What can she say about that!
(I know, I know)
Morning gang! I appreciate the prayers, but my surgery got rescheduled at the last minute, waiting for a rescheduled call back, will be a month or more. This sucks, but nothing I can do about it. This has been a mess on the scheduling from the get go, one department does not know what the other one is doing, have had to make 2 extra trips for no reason, aboutt 5 hours round trip.
Hey Shane.....are we there yet orrr izzit dun yet!?! ;)). I could not resist.

That front due in tonight started early here in a suthun burb of Injunapolis. We had lunch w some Muncie friends and are in the Menard's parking lot. My SIL needs more stuff for her remodeling and she is in rehab for the next 3-4 her closest sister and your's truly are doin the chasing . . . Sheer joy. 😕.

Processing a batch of new but tarnished WW '06 at least 20 yrs old. 7-800 rds easy. What I don't sell, will probably squish into XC or BR for volume shooting.
Tom out
Koger, we have been having blood shortages. I am a preferred donor with O+ but have about 28 days between bloodletting. They are holding off on elective surgeries and begging for blood for the necessary.
Did you have a chance to bank your own blood?

Anyway, hang in there and Godspeed for your recovery.
Hell Sam, iffit will help out I'll drive down and drain a pint for you. I have done a few - super common A Pos. PM me
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