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Monday Morning

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26° here this morning in Upstate NY with the high temperature going up to about 33°. We have maybe 1/2" of snow and my get another 1/2" today. Originally they were calling for about 3" of snow today.

Yesterday it a quiet afternoon after church and I just relaxed. Today I will be on the road and I know tomorrow I will be also all day.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good Morning from Waseca, 9 above and clear full moon, pretty outside with the fresh snow. 16 for the high today.
Plumber is coming today, I think. Need to fix the last three line breaks and bleed the system.
Yesterday was great, I had lunch at the Boat House with a nice couple after church then took the afternoon off.

Hope everyone has a blessed day,
Good Morning

25 here in NC Ohio with some snow maybe. Moving ahead with the pole barn improvements, just making things easier for an old fart that's round and low to the ground!! Coffee is done and I'm due for a cup. Be safe and Prayers to those and country. Mike
Morning Gents! Its 33º and cloudy, headed for the low 40's. Looks like rain and T'storms for tomorrow. Going to meet my Wife and Mom in town for breakfast after Mom's Dr appointment. You'all have a good one!
good morning folks. It's 33º here with patchy icy spots. Had a little freezing rain overnight, but luckily the roads are okay. Days are getting longer and spring is close, but we're not out of winter yet. Predicting snow Wed. mabye 6-12" depending on which station you watch. Yuck. No matter, it's a short week for me. Leaving for Savannah Thurs afternoon, but I took the whole day off so I'll have plenty of time to get the driveway cleared for mom to dog sit.

I got a lot done yesterday...took the guns back to the shop and stopped for some groceries, then came home and cooked some delicious burgers on the grill. No bun, just wrapped in lettuce leaves with tomato, mayo and guac. In the afternoon I got some fishing rods spooled and organized, vacuumed the house (chased the Roomba around) and cleaned out the fridge. Made a really good marinated flank steak for steak salad for dinner. It was great. Despite the carb overload I had Sat. night, I finally broke the 10 lb barrier on my diet! Like to keep it there or drop another 10lb.

Well, I guess I better get busy. Short week, but lots to do. Have a good one!

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Good morning, GoGo. It's 33 in Louisville, going to 36 and cloudy all day. Major rain coming sometime Tuesday and Wednesday. I think they're calling for 2-6" across the next 4-5 days. As if we needed more rain. :rolleyes:

A college buddy from Elizabethtown, about 40 miles south of here, is due to roll in here about 8:30. He drives a big pickup, so we'll jump in one of my gas sippers and head East to visit another college buddy who lives in Northern Kentucky, somewhere up around CarlP. We're planning to do a little woodworking, then will probably crash in the house after lunch and watch a Western. Although we don't live that far from one another, the three of us haven't been together for probably a couple of years. Should be a good day.

Y'all have a good'n and be safe out there. If you'd care to lift up a traveling prayer for Mikey, it'd be welcome.
morning all. 10 with snow on the way, maybe. We did get some last night, came in right after dark and snow hard! Got almost three quarters inch, :eek: and so far the wind hasn't blown it all around.
After church and a nice meal out in town, came home to a short nap. Then Travis and I went callin'. First set up was by one of our calving areas, decided to try a different sound that maybe the 'yotes hadn't heard. Tried the lamb distress, played it once thru and waited maybe two minutes and a pair came in! :D We got them both!!! Move to a different spot and only made several howl but they wouldn't show up. Quit cause we were getting cold and needed to get home anyway.
Slept in so running late, better get. Need to check cows for new babies now, have at least three new ones yesterday.
Gwyn took the day off, so we are moving slow this morning. :rolleyes:
Have a great day and be safe out there, prayers for the requests.

Good morning all. Got the week started at 29 in Indy. Might get to the mid 30s. Got a few little tasks to accomplish before we leave Friday AM for Hilton Head. Golf for a week if the rain holds off.

Better get something done. Have a good day.
Great morning folks,

Clear and a chilly 47° out here in the dirt & rock along the Colorado river. High today of 60° & not as windy.

Yesterday was really blowin'. 20mph steady then gusts to 30. Chores got handled, some firewood gathered and at dusk we took a short ride.

Breakfast then a long ride to the west for some exploration today.
wild and crazy Sunday. Cooked a brisket and watched all the crashes at Daytona. And it snowed.
Morning all, 33 here headed to 39, winter is coming back, we have been unseasonably warm all month, hope we don't have a bunch of snow in March! Had a two super hard rains yesterday afternoon, what I would give for a month of dry weather! Managed to go to Church yesterday, preacher brought a great sermon. Well don't know much more, you all have a good day, remember those in need of prayers, Buff out!
Late check in today.....just got in from Gatlinburg. We left a little after 10 a.m. and rolled in the drive right at 4 PM. Only had one stop at the Mt. Vernon KY exit for fuel and a bathroom break. I was expecting to see a Geo metro with a damcow hanging out the back but wasnt there but a few minutes.

Congrats on the 10lbs Charlie.....I probably gained that much over the weekend.

I didnt even make it back to indiana before the dairy started ringing my phone.:rolleyes:
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