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Monday Morning

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24° here in Upstate NY this morning with about 3" of snow on the ground. The high temperature today will be up to about 26°. It is to be a cold week here this week.

Yesterday was a quiet day after church and I just took the day easy. Today will be different, I will be on the road. First thing I will have to do though is clean my driveway out.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good morning

21 degrees here and the stove is keeping me good company this morning. One more cup of coffee and I’m heading out a few minutes early this morning. Not much on the agenda after work today. Worked on next year’s woodpile yesterday and moved some more up by the door to keep us warm the next few days.Probably going to load some more 9mm tonight.

Make it a good day
-2 this morning....

It snowed on and off most of the weekend so I cleaned a couple guns ,CZ 452 in 17HMR and my 17Mach 1V in the 40-X stock.Ordered a bunch of ammo for the HMR and filled out the rebate with CCI,still time guys.I will get close to $100- back,worked out to under$7- a box:)
Good Morning

10 here in NC Ohio with sunshine for most of the day. I am real tired of winter, its waiting for spring makes for long days. Need to learn how to get pictures posted, time to give someone a ring. Now that I have a phone that works!! Be safe and Prayers to those and country. Mike
morning all. 30 here with snow in the air, can hardly see the neighbors light a mile south of us. Haven't let the dog out to see how much we have but probably not much.
Got in a good 30 minute nap after getting home from town yesterday then went out in the work shop and de-primed some brass. Then loaded 50 rounds of 22-250s. Was running low after Travis was here and shooting it.
Need to get another tractor out of the shed and into the shop, not sure it will happen today but needs done.
Breakfast is waiting, have a good day and stay warm and safe.

We've got a couple inches and still snowing, just right for when the wind comes up after while. It can all move to the roads, hope it doesn't cover any baby calves! Maybe some coyotes will be out when it get light enough to see!
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Mornin boys...
28 with a dust'in here high on RUGER Mt this morning.
Few of cold then hopefully it warms.up and
The fish start
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

Amen Donnie. Boat is lonely. She's not going anywhere anytime soon. This was yesterday as it started up again.

It's 31º here and we were lucky to only get another 5 inches of snow yesterday and last night. Quit a bit earlier than expected, but that's all right by me. I was up early to plow and now at work. Roads are pretty good. I didn't get any wood brought in yesterday and I'm running low. Guess I'll try to fight the wheelbarrow in the snow today after work. Couple loads should get me thru. I just need enough to get a bed of hot coals going, then I'll throw on the coal tonight. Will burn that a few days here while it's really cold.

We didn't do much of anything yesterday except run Lillie home before the storm. Had a nice lunch at Red Robin and I slept most of the way home while Sue drove. That late bingo night wore me out.

Well, back at work today and it's Monday. I guess I'll make it thru. Have a good one!

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Good morning from Bartonville Texas. 21 degrees, clear and a high of just 35. Chilly RV living.
Took the day off yesterday, the new church was OK, we will be going again. Wife says so.
She's a bit perplexed today, she is having a birthday that ends in 0. The other number is too large for her liking.
Party tonight.
Hope everyone has a blessed day,
Morning Gents! Its 27º here and clear headed for the mid to upper 30's. Doing a few last minute things to clear out the kitchen before the contractors get here and start tearing things out. The head guy says the job will move faster than the estimater told us which was good to hear. Still going to be living off of the microwave, the grill and the Coleman stove for several weeks. You'all have a good one.
Somebody shoot that damn woodchuck.!!!!!!

Good morning all. It was 10 when I left for breakfast about 6:45 this morning and it's 6 now :eek: That ain't right! Back in the old rut already. Time to start thinking about the next big deal on my calendar. The BBB is only a couple of months away. I consider it the opening event each year. C'mon weather. I need to shoot something besides a pistol.

Have a good day.
Noon time post today as i went out to unroll hay for the Damcows early on. We had no snow except for a few flakes flying around but it about 22° degrees with a stiff wind
I may not do much else today but go to the funeral home to send off an old neighbor man. He was a Korean veteran and a real character. Used to run a Famous Recipe chikin restaurant and was known everywhere by the name "Chicken Man." He was 85.
I better go to his funeral, or he won't come to mine.
No Skruske today as this is the "off day" but he is OFF every day

Cold Damcows line up on the hay. You really have to be Careful with the tractor around the baby calves, they will run right under the moving tractor.
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First post on here with the new computer, power blip got the old one.

Its been a heck of a winter here. -9 when I got up this morning but at least the sun is out. Everything is covered in thick frozen ice, snow forecast for Thursday and this weekend. To slippery here to risk going outside other than the mailbox. Have a good one guys.
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