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Monday morning

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Good morning all. I’m up early to answer the call of nature for myself and the dog. It’s only temporary. It’s 31 in Indy and that’s temporary, too. Heading for upper 40s. I’m heading back to the rack. Have a good day.
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34° here in Upstate NY this morning, the high temperature will be up to about 40°. Supposed to be a decent day, some different than yesterday. I had some slush and a little snow on the ground most of the day yesterday, snow plow came through and broke the mail box post. I am good friends with the highway superintendent and "The boys" will be over this morning to fix it he told me.

They say by the end of the week here we may be up into the 50's for temperatures. It is possible spring is on the way. I know I am ready.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
Good morning from Bartonville Texas, it's 52 and raining, not going to stop raining for 3 days. 52 is also the high for the day.
Yesterday was mostly a bust. Very little was accomplished, including getting to church. It was the time change you know.
I need to run up to Denton to the RV repair center and check about upgrading the suspension on the trailer. We need to soften the ride.
Hope everyone has a blessed day,
Good Morning

Good Monday morning !! Only a retiree would talk that way ! 32 here in NC Ohio with mix sun and clouds. I had to check twice for the right post seeing Doug's post being first. Gotta git 14 2x6's for the pole barn, Amish have a hard time getting that in a buggy! Be safe and Prayers to those and country. Mike
Good morning the shop and not quite ready to go yet but I'm here so. We didn't get a single coyote called in this weekend with only one being turned in at check in. Oh well...gonna have to start just ambushing them I guess.

Got a reese hitch to rebuild on a truck that someone had welded in o a service bed, shouldn't be too bad. Then back to welding wire spools for the rest of the day. I got my wire and pin yesterday to plug into my ECU on my dodge so hopefully it has been flashed for the manual high idle so my cruise will control it for my pto. If not it might be a trip to the dealer to do it or find a tuner.

Tony my buddy drug another boat in here this was a freebie...another guy we know bought it used it twice then decided to divorce his new wife and parked the boat with no cover and not winterizing it.:rolleyes:...he ain't to bright. It's an outboard and may have a cracked block but it was free so who knows.

Well off to see what I can get into this morning....have a good day!
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morning all. 30 here with possible moisture for most of the week, means the wind will blow!
After we got home from town and church yesterday I got in a nice nap! Then worked on cleaning some of the stuff out of my work pickup, it goes in the shop in town for a transmission service today while I have a doc appt. Just didn't want to leave some stuff in the cab for folks to be look thru. (tools, ammo, more ammo ect)
Time change still sucks, most of the time I work off the sun but still have to get Gwyn out the door on time for work.
Better get to it I guess, have a good day and be safe out there.
Good morning

40 and headed to 50 today. Beautiful day yesterday . It was pretty windy but that’s ok. The wind didn’t have any rain or snow in it, for a change.
Looks like we’re gonna be above freezing for the next week so fishing and unloading ammo will get done this week.
Looking forward to see how the California gang is doing today.

Make it a great day
Mornin boys...
Mid 40s here high on RUGER Mt this morning..
Supposed to be dry for the next 3 days.
You All have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

good morning folks. Yes Mike (MPC), no working guy is gonna boast about it being Monday, including me. Not going so well for me this morning. Time change has things outta whack. Made "coffee" this morning, ended up with hot water with cream in it. Yep, didn't put grounds in it. Forgot my breakfast at home. Running late, yada yada. At least I'm alive. Gun ticket was pretty much a bust yesterday. We won't make much off this one after they pay me to go cover it. Such is business. I'll get paid either way.

Shane, you're lucky it's an outboard. I have been around outboards all my life. I have only ever winterized an outboard twice in 48 years and that's just because I thought maybe I should. I didn't do it this year. There's not much to do to winterize an outboard. Tilt it down and everything usually drains out. Fog the motor. That's it. Was the motor stored down or tilted up? You might first check the lower unit, because that's where you're most likely going to have issues and even then, its usually just a $2 seal that cost about $700 to get installed. :eek: On the right side of the motor by the prop you'll see a screw low by the gear case and one above it. Remove the LOWER one and let a little drain out into a cup. (Remove the upper one only to drain everything out.) If it's clear and looks like oil, you're good. If it looks like a shamrock shake, it has water in it and could be trouble. It will need changed. Let me know if you have any questions or issues. What brand motor is it?

Well, I guess I should stop rambling and get to work. Have a good one.

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Good morning, GoGo. It's 42, going to 56 today with some sun. Supposed to have a high of 70 on Thursday. I saw daffodils bloomed out alongside my church yesterday. Mine here at home have big, full buds, but they haven't bloomed just yet.

Miss Cindy's back is still hurting pretty bad, so I spent yesterday afternoon inside with her, even though it was really nice outside. Mid-50s, I think, and sunny.

My alma mater, Murray State, won the Ohio Valley Conference tournament Saturday night to become the first school in the Big Dance. Go Racers!

I'm working from home today, which makes Monday not so bad. I don't do weekend gun raffles and I don't have to weld on crappy cow trailers, so life is pretty good.I think Cindy is gonna call her doc's office today and see if she can get lined up for an MRI. If she has a herniated disk in her back, we may as well know it sooner rather than three weeks from now. As a hair stylist, she spends long hours on her feet, and we need to get her back up and pain free.

Y'all have a good'n and be safe out there. If you have to lift something heavy and/or unwieldy, don't be like Miss Cindy.
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Morning Gents! Its 46º and raining here. Headed for the upper 50's. Looks like rain on and off most of today and tomorrow.

The cabinets are scheduled to be delivered today. I got up early and made a few last minute electrical connections and tucked all of the wires in out of the way. We'll see how the rain effects this.

Our housekeeper wanted most of the old cabinets and appliances and they came after them yesterday. I can actually see the garage floor again!

You'all have a good one!
Great Morning folks,

Clear with 47° this morning out by Stone Cabin AZ.

The Sunday ride was simply awesome & the pictures don't begin to capture the grandure. We left camp with a group of 6 buggies & 12 people. We headed east toward the King Of Arizona mine site.

We rode to near the base of this mountain & hiked about a mile further through a wash.

The destination was to a dam that supplied water for the mining operations & the town. 4 of us got there while others turned back because of the steep rugged terrain.

I went up one side while Mike & another fellow went up the other side of the canyon.

Mike ended up at the top, standing on that red rock.

I climbed down to the foot.

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I don't suppose many people venture down into the bottom of the canyon. The walls are steep & careful steps are required.

Mike & the two other guys worked their way back out from up high while I negotiated my way through the bottom. Apparently, there was some concern about where I was. Debra Dearest sent Mike to go retrieve me. I think the concern was a bit over stated because most the others were sippin' beer when we got back. Hey I was only two minutes behind...swear.

I did find an interesting hunk of quartz. With curious veins running through, it needed to be broken open. Nope, nothing special, just pyrite.

At the location near the old town, this big white pile is laying. It stands out & you can see it from miles away. It's leftover ash from the furnace that was once there.

Mike & I are going back to that location next year. It seems worth more exploring. I did find one old 25-30 piece of brass.

The scenery is indeed awesome.

It is move day & we are leaving Yuma behind. Tonight we will be near Apache Junction & more trails to explore.
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Charlie I mistyped my post it is an inboard with a GM v6 I believe and as far as we can tell at least the exhaust manifold is cracked. Haven't looked deep enough to see if it busted the block anywhere. I have repaired a 4cyl. Gm inboard motor that had the water jacket bust out just below the head. The guy ran it another 3 years before selling and it was fine.

This boat just needs a good cleaning if we think the engine is usable.
Shane and Charlie are working on boat motors today, Skruske is busting rocks and looking fir brass in the dirt and rocks.
Shane, maybe i can help you out in the next Coyote just find them asleep and capture him
Then take it in and collect the money.

It looks rainy outside and a biggun is just south of us, so i better get the hay slung out so they can eat it before it rains on it.

Skruske those are beautiful pictures, wish i was along.
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Charlie I mistyped my post it is an inboard with a GM v6 I believe and as far as we can tell at least the exhaust manifold is cracked. Haven't looked deep enough to see if it busted the block anywhere. I have repaired a 4cyl. Gm inboard motor that had the water jacket bust out just below the head. The guy ran it another 3 years before selling and it was fine.

This boat just needs a good cleaning if we think the engine is usable.
yeah that's a bit different! LOL good luck!
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