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Mornin boys...

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65 here high on RUGER MT this morning.
Got to go in 2 hours early today. Think
they say we might get some wet stuff today.
It rained several times yesterday but not a lot
where I was. Had to work over yesterday so I've
still ain't got to work just 8 hours this week even
though we're back to 5 8s.
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

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66° here in Upstate NY this cloudy morning, the high for today is to get up to about 76°. We are to get some rain today, in fact they say we will have a good chance of heavy rain.

Yesterday I was on the road all day and I am hoping today will be a little easier.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
Good morning from Lebanon Missouri. 64 now and headed to the mid 80's. It's going to be a warm one all week.
Got settled in yesterday, three other couples joined us. The camp ground hosted a thank you dinner last night, homemade ice cream and burgers. Good.
Take it easy this morning then the music starts at 6pm.
Hope everyone has a blessed day,
Good Morning

68 this morning in NC Ohio with chance of rain. Last night we had a tornado watch till 11PM. When the storm hit thought the house was going to slide down the road, plus one inch of rain in about five minutes. Soon as it gets light I will cruse the ponderosa for damage. I sure can't complain because I'm still looking at the green side of the sod!!! Prayers to those and country. Mike
morning all. 47 with 81 in sight for the high today, chance of showers for the rest of the week.
Sprinkler work all morning then a trip to town for a meeting with the lawyer, what a waste of money. Got three batteries for the stacking trucks, came home to work. The big swather is broke down, hope to get it going today. Plus bale some hay and help the sprinkler repair crew stand the sprinkler back up that tipped over. Sounds like a fun filled day... not!
We tried to baled last night about 10:00 but it was still too dry, maybe this morning.
Better get, have a Happy Hump Day and first of August.
HAPPY HUMP DAY, GOGO! It's 68 in Louisville, with clouds, good chance of more showers, and a high around 80. Mike (MPC), I'm glad the storm up your way didn't do major damage at your place.

I'm getting together for wings and beer tonight with the guys from my old barbershop quartet. Our bass singer, only 69 years young, died unexpectedly two years ago yesterday. We talked about finding someone else and continuing, but our hearts just weren't in it. I sang with this guy about 25 years and then he was suddenly gone. It's tough.

Speaking of singing, I've also done just a little gospel quartet singing and I thoroughly enjoy that music, so I wish Ken and his wife a great time the next 3-4 days in Missouri. I've forgotten the names of a lot of the groups I used to follow, but they included the Cathedrals, Gold City, Singing Americans, Gaither Vocal Band (of course!), Stamps Baxter Quartet, the Statesmen, and many others.

Y'all have a great day and be safe out there. Stay away from melon wagons!
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Good morning folks. 69° here with sunshine in Hatteras.. It is HUMP DAY. We are over the hump with the stormy, wet weather, but now we have wind to deal with. Blowing pretty good today. Things will gradually improve toward the weekend. Surely it will be beautiful on Sunday, when we leave. Yesterday we did the lighthouse with the girls. They ran up the 270-ish steps with no trouble. Not so for the adults. Tuckered us out. Girls went to the beach in the afternoon and I made lasagna for dinner. Ice cream for dessert, then I pretty much passed out.

Not sure what's on my agenda today. Girls are going to the beach again. Guess I'll drink beer and watch it blow. Have a good one.

Good Morning from the Wet Damcow farm in Kentucky. Its raining again here and that's what makes the grass grow. I rather have it wet than brown and dry.
Well Dean, I get it. When I returned home from Montana, the Hay Bailer was still not fixed, The Damcows were out, Other Damcows tore the side out of one of the barns trying to get a lick of salt, someone drug the exhaust pipe off my Geo Metro, Yesterdy while trying to move the Damcows into summer pasture things did not go well. I now have cows in 3 different places they should not be.
I janged up my back trying to catch a calf that Kicked my butt, but at least I didn't fall off the watermelon wagon.
I hope Skruske had a successful safe trip to Wyoming.
Off to the grind again.
Good morning all. It’s a dreary looking 66 in Indy. Supposed to reach upper 70s with a slight chance of rain. Slight chance I’ll be out in it either way. Saw some folks and visited the church from my youth yesterday. One of the guys who sang with me in the youth choir is now a custodian at the church. We spent some time reminiscing. The building hasn’t changed much except what was the choir loft is now space for the church band. Christian rock they call it. The place was literally standing room only in the 50s and early 60s. 300 or so every Sunday. Last Sunday there were 39! There’s a Walmart across the street. I’ll just say the neighbothood has changed. Enough for that.

Julie’s at work and Doug-the-domestic has stuff to do before play time. Have a good day.
Didn't check the actual temp this morning @ 5:30, but it was probably around 70º and is supposed to go to the mid 80's by this afternoon. Pretty nice stuff for the first day of August. Wife got a text from my son @ 5:30 saying he and his wife were at the hospital waiting for labor to be induced. We're anticipating our 4th grandson, who should make an appearance later today. Other than that, not sure what I'll do today. I have plenty that needs to be accomplished, but not much is really urgent, so I'll just muddle through.

G'day Y'all,
Morning all! Just cant remember to check in early in the day. Cast about another 80 45/70 HP's, with only 10 rejects, Doug was right about running them hot, and I added some more tin to the mix!! Got my hip screwed up yesterday, sitting in a chair, bent over to pick up a bullet I dropped and my hip swiveled around funny, about came out of place, feeling the effects today, gonna be a slow easy day today! Remember those in need of prayer, buff out!
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