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Mornin boys...

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65 here high on RUGER Mt this morning.
Another hot 1 in store for today.
Maybe some rain for tomorrow.
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

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78* to start. Humid too. Probable rain in the PM. Range duty this morning.
Everyone stay healthy.
Good Morning

Yeah 73 here in NC Ohio. I don't do well in hot, humid air -- but someone else may be their ticket!!! I think I need to head into town today and see what kind of trouble I can get into. Won't be hard work. Be careful and Prayers to those and country. Mike
Good morning ya’ varmintbaggers. It’s 75 in Indy heading for rain.

TDC, Pancho showed up straight from work and didn’t have his pistol. Of course I gave him a hard time, anyway. Serious rain just started. I got nothing else.

Have a great day.
HAPPY HUMP DAY, GoGo! It's a warm 76 degrees this morning, going to 92. There's a good chance of thunderstorms starting around noon, then a better chance overnight.

This is Friday for me at work as I'm taking the rest of the week off to go to the UBR Nationals in Somerset. Should be a good time with some really, really good shooters. I've got my brain set on "Soak it up" because there's sure a lot I need to learn.

Y'all have a good'n and be safe out there.

good morning folks. It's 75º here with even higher humidity. Weatherman says 100%, but it's not raining. Air is thick, you can hardly breathe. Strange summer we've had, and it keeps flying by. It was too hot to do much when I got home. By the time I got dinner, it was starting to get dark out. Tonight I need to make a run by the farms I hunt and get permission slips signed, and check for geese if they have any silage cut. My buddy has a new dog he wants to get out retrieving. Season starts Sept. 1st.

Well, I need to get some things done here before a meeting at 8. Happy HUMP day all.


ETA Pic Tyler sent from Qatar..appropriate for the day.

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Great morning folks,

Gray cloud covered sky with 56° here along the Ontonagon River in da far western U.P. eh. Been gray with mixed rain since we left Bismarck two days ago. Might get a peek at blue sky later.

I would much rather spend more time in the clear weather in the desert but life back home calls.

We are going for a trail ride today out near deer camp before making our way East then south across the big bridge.

Edit to add. We noted a few Maple trees starting to turn color across MN, WI and in da U.P. eh
morning all.. 40 to start off the day. House is kinda cool this morning, might have to start closing the windows some at night. Low 80s later today.
Got a new tire and wheel on my baler, just in time for me to head to town for a blood donation. By the time I got home the big swather was broke down, will get to work on it this morning, I think, you never know one day to the next what will happen.
Gwyn took the rest of the week off so we slept in this morning, sure felt good too.
Better look up some breakfast and get going, Happy Hump Day!
Bout ready to head to gym, supposed to hit 85° today RH's in the 30's, gotta prep for new counters later, and resize 22-250's maybe. Fall is definitely in the air.
Good morning gang! Going to be another hot one today here in southern KY, got to mow here at home and moms also, then go see a buddy who had foot surgery Monday. Going to take him some reading material as he will be on crutches for 3-4 weeks. Hope everyone has a good day, remember those in need of prayer, Buff out!
Just back in the house after fluffing a field of hay that is probably going to get washed down later today. It really dried well yesterday with the 90° temps and full sun, but is not ready to wad up in balls yet.
Old Chief Back to the Wall is harassing Pauncho....that sounds kinda Racist to me, but shot do I know? By the way Chief Doug, I sit with my back to the Wall too where I can see who comes in the door.

Judy Brown is gone to lunch with a bunch of Hens, and I guess I will go pick up my chainsaw from Jacks Hardware in Mt Vernon Ky. ....looks like i got all day as it just started RAINING here.

Charlie, that Tyler sure is a good looking feller
Maybe I my visit Buck Creek Saturday to see some old friends. Not to shoot, just visit.
LOOKS LIKE BABY DAY IN DAMITALY.....hope she gets it over with quick!
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Sunny, warm & humid in the hollow. I'm trying to wrap up everything that needs doing here this week and expect to be packing & sacking later today to leave for Buck Creek tomorrow morning. It sure takes a helluvalottastuff to play this shooting game. Seems like every trip takes a little more. Maybe I ought to take up golf.

Come by and see us on Saturday JR and bring some new bay pics. I'll see if the boss will let me share some of my newest grandson's pics (4 weeks) and we can talk about who's is the cutest. My opinion is that most all babies look like little old men, all wrinkles, mostly bald and no teeth. Fortunately, #5 doesn't look a thing like me, he has Spock ears like his mom.

G'day Y'all,
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