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Mornin boys...

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Kinda cool here high on RUGER Mt this morning.
Last football game this year, they lost 55 to 13.
Field was a mud pit and they ain't used to playing in mud.
First time I've started the morning post in
Got home right at 2 and ain't got wound down enough to
go to
Hope you all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

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36° here right now in Upstate NY but it is going to cool down. The high for today is to be only about 33°. It will be a blustery day with winds of 15 to 20mph and they say we may have some gusts of 35mph today.

I was busy all day yesterday so I am hoping to take to it easy today, of course time will tell. In the afternoon it started snowing, covered the ground and then turned to rain. Some areas around here got an inch of snow and there were accidents.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
Well, we had one of the famous (infamous?) lake effect snow storms blow in last night. Thunder and all. It is still dark and It looks to be at about 3-4 inches for now with more to come.
This is the first Saturday of our sight in days for the public. We will separate the wheat from the chaff today.
Good morning. 21 in Indy. Yep, 21 degrees. That’s officially cold. Should be well into the mid 30s by the time Julie’s niece gets married this afternoon...........outdoors. Sorry, I’m not doing an outdoor wedding in November. New Palestine Dragons won their regional championship 31-7 last night. Their running back had a tough night. He only had 264 yards and 4 TDs. He’s setting new school and state records every game and he’s a junior!

Gotta’ get going. It’s biscuits and gravy season. Have a good day.
Good morning from Texas where it's 34 degrees. High of 50. I didn't get anything done yesterday but run around. Today is work on the RV roofing issues. At least I have identified the offensive tree that took out the roof vents. I just popped a circuit breaker in the house, can't get to it till 9 so we have no power. This place has been, continues to be, a train wreck. We're here till after Thanksgiving.
Hope everyone has a blessed day,
Good Morning

22 degrees, 18 mph wind, wind chill of 9 and to think that I was one of those complaining about 85 AND HUMID JUST 25 DAYS AGO!!!!! It was a attention getter going to GH for wood stuffing. I know what I'm doing today. Be safe and Prayers for all the pain in this country. Mike
Good morning all.....Pretty cold here this morning as Doug stated. I'm at the shop already and I hope I feel better in a bit. Damn sinus infection the Doc says and now I'm getting a cough. Hopefully the meds kick in and take care of it soon I got too much crap to do to be laid up in bed any. Started fab and welding on another set of beams yesterday. 20ft this time...also have to drag another bedding/stone box in to start cutting it apart for another floor and end replacement. I got the sons cousin coming out to start plasma cutting it apart...we'll see how that goes.

MY buddy's sitting in his stand this morning and we're wondering how long he'll make it with the cold and wind. He's got quite a few pictures of some nice buck's up around our stands....but also got a few pictures of some dickhead we don't know messing around our stands as well. Property owner told us to put up as many signs as we want and if someone sys they have permission send them to him and he'll take care of it.

Well off to fetch my coffee and get to making smoke today for sure with welding and cutting all going on.

Have a good day!
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Great morning folks,

25° with a little bit of snow occurring here near Halfway USA. We had 2 inches on the ground yesterday at noon but most of it was gone by dark.

Deb & I went outside for a bit at mid day while the temps were near 40°. I cleaned out the leaves from the gutters & got the melting snow was flowing again. We put away her Fall decorations. Then used snow shovels to push leaves off the driveway. It worked good enough. Looks like the yard will remain covered until Spring & it'll be a pretty big mess by then. :eek:

Enough mud got transferred from a bucket to a knife and onto the walls that this morning I get to start sanding. Hopefully just a little touch up here & there and we can get primer/sealer applied.
Good Morning

23 degrees outside but it feels pretty good here next to the stove. Opening day of gun season around here and I only heard one shot when I was outside.
Loaded up more Fireballs and some cast rounds for the ‘06. More of the same today and if I’m feeling real ambitious, I might make it to the range. Other than that, it will be wood-splitting and Wood-burning all day.

Be careful out there
good morning boys from the chair in our den! Ain't seen nothing move here yet, but I might put a stalk on some pancakes Doug. Actually, I was up at 4:30, showered and ran down to hunt in MD at the honey hole. Wind wasn't doing much here but down there in the flat land it was HOWLING with snow flurries. I assumed it would get worse as it got light and decided I didn't need to be 25 feet up a tree in that stuff. Came home and tried to go back to bed. That didn't work. I did see a few deer on the drive, a few foxes and a coyote even. At least it was a productive drive.

My bud just texted his boy put a shot on a good buck here a few minutes ago. MD youth rifle season. They think they saw it go down but were going to wait a bit??? If I was that kid I'd have been down that ladder and on it like a beagle. Whatever...hope he got it. I'll post pics if/when I get them.

I actually have a good bit of work to do here this morning. Among other things, I need to cut the neck roast off my buck and deliver it to a lady who wants one for minced meat. Then I have to work at the shop 10-2. Tyler's home and we got his Vortex Viper PST on his gun last evening, so we may try to go zero it at the gun club when I get off. I am betting we'll have to wait in line with deer season a few weeks away and only 1 bench. Maybe I'll just sight in out back and not fight the crowds?

Well I hope Mikey has his woolies on this morning and gets some meat for the freezer. Have a good one.

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morning all. 18 here this morning, could get into the mid to upper 40s. Could get snow tonight thru Monday morning. Bet the wind blows!!!
Got another frig yesterday, price wasn't as bad as I thought but the couch, loveseat and chair ran the price way up! :eek: Gwyn's been wanting to replace them for awhile now, the old ones are over 20 years old, so guess it was time. New stuff will be delivered next week, frig is in and running though.
Cutting elk is on the list for today, could be a long day.
Better get to breakfast and chores. Have a great day and be safe and warm.
Prayers for our country and the hurting.
29º and sunny in the hollow this morning. Like everyone else, it's going to be cold here today. @nd Saturday of ML season, but I'm not in the shooting house. I have to be at the range pretty soon to sign up and orient some new members. Thinking of taking a set of wind flags to put out just to see how the wind currents play. Spent a good part of yesterday selling guns, ammo, brass etc at the gun shop for the club's coffers. At this point we have sold just over $22,000 in stuff with quite a few nice items left to go. I'm thinking we may approach $30,000 before it's done. Will pay for a lot of concrete and gravel.

G'day Y'all,
Cold start to Missouri gun deer season

When it came daylight this morning it was 12 degrees in my blind. Not much wind but it came a little later. I did see a large bodied buck, but could not see to tell much about the rack. Only thing I could really say is, it had a rack.
Saw him three different times and then he disappeared. Then a little while later saw a large doe and a yearling, but not much else moving. Grandson in law did a mercy killing of a small buck (someone had shot a leg off) and my real grandson did not see anything. Light wind early and picking up throughout the day. I don't think that it got above freezing all day. I am so cold right now sitting in the house that I wonder it I will ever get warm. Sad tale of my deer hunting adventure today. Maybe tomorrow will be better.
Well I hope Mikey has his woolies on this morning and gets some meat for the freezer. Have a good one.

I posted the temps on my morning hunt in the thread about the nice buck whacked by your buddy's son. Dang straight I wore my woolies as it was 27 and breezy. No meat for Mikey today, but I did see two. Didn't have a shot.

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