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Mornin boys...

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32 here high on RUGER Mt this morning.
It rained yesterday off and on. I didn't make it
out of the house. Some up with a headache and kelp it
all day. Hope it don't come back today.
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...


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morning all. 12 here with 40 for a high... maybe. Calling for snow for tomorrow and the rest of the week.
We made it home last night around 5:30, nice to travel this time of year without any worries of bad roads. But still need some moisture.:eek:
Chores and such this morning, Gwyn has to work a half day then get ready for tomorrow. Going to her sisters for the big dinner :)
Christmas eve service at church tonight, so a trip to town late in the day. But that's about it for today as far as I know.
Better get, have a great day and be safe.
good morning folks. It's 37º and cloudy. It rained a bit sometime thru the night. Yesterday was chilly, but sunny. I did manage to get to the widow neighbor's house and got the mower put away and the blower started. We cleaned up the garage a bit too. She's headed back south with her daughter for awhile after Christmas. Sadly, I don't see her returning, at least not without someone living there with her. She's changed just since summer.:(

We may or may not have had a serious carbon monoxide problem:eek: The other day I went to put wood in the stove and there was a dead mouse on the floor by the wood stove. Didn't think much of it. Last night about 10pm I went to the basement to put some logs in the stove and there was a mouse "sleeping" on the floor in front of the stove. It was still alive, and wasn't there yesterday morning or afternoon. I popped it on the head and threw it in the stove. I don't have any poison out that I know of, and it's kind of an odd place for a mouse to take a nap. We have CO detectors throughout the house. I changed all the batteries and placed one on the floor where the mouse was and over 1/2 hour we got one little chirp out of it. I placed another in Tyler's room above the basement. This one was old and plugs in. Damn thing kept going off. I took it upstairs in the loft. Kept going off. Obviously it was bad. As a precaution, I put the fire out in the stove with some ashes and opened everything up and aired out with fans. Miss Sue ran to Walmart and bought 4 new CO detectors. Haven't had a peep out of any of them and the one in the basement has a digital readout that shows the peak reading was "0". Whew! Kinda scary. I called my firefighter friend that helped install the stove and chimney. He's going to bring a meter over Wed afternoon to check things out.

Well, I guess I'll finish up my coffee and go in to work a bit. Was supposed to have off, but nothing much to do here. I'll go in a bit today and take a bit off Wed to have the CO problem addressed. Also, I might have to be in town to wait for the UPS lady to see if she has my daughter's S&W Shield. PSA took forever to process the order and it's not here yet. Gun shop is to close at 2pm and UPS usually doesn't show until 3 or after.

Better get moving. Have a good one.

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Good morning from Bartonville Texas where it's a chilling 32,high of 60.
Big day for the kids, cooking. They put on a seafood feast for Christmas eve.
I have a few loose ends to tie up today, nothing too big.
Need to spend some time contemplating the reason for the season.
Hope everyone has a great Christmas eve.
Good morning, GoGo. It's a frosty 26 in Louisville, but we're due for sun and a high of 48, which should be pretty nice. We had some freezing fog overnight and several fender-benders, according to the morning news folks.

My final cleanup assignments are vacuuming the living room, then cleaning the toilet and bathroom sink. My younger daughter is local, so she and her family will be coming over for brunch about 10:30 in the morning.

My deer hunting buddy and I attend the same church, so I took him some handloaded .45ACP rounds as a gift yesterday. I stuffed the cases with a 230gr Federal HST bullet that appears to be the cat's meow for self-defense.

Y'all be careful if you have to get out and about today. A certain number of people will be in an absolute shopping panic and not paying attention to their driving.

Merry Christmas!

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Good Morning

Late today cause I woke late and just returned from a PT appointment. Well we've arrived at Christmas close to the year end and where did the first part of the year go!! Merry Christmas everyone and God Bless !! Mike
Good morning everyone .....getting ready to go to the nursing home to see my grandmother then not sure what I'm going to do today. Didn't do a damn thing yesterday. I might tinker in the garage for a while....I need to do a little organizing out there for sure. I got a coffee can full of .223 brass that needs sized and cleaned but not sure if I'll load it or not yet....I still have a bunch loaded up in ammo cans stacked up. I did get my free float tube in and my .936 low profile gas block is on back order or something and has not been shipped yet. Once I get it in I'll mock it all up and measure for the gas hole to be drilled in the barrel the it will be time to assemble it . I'll need to get a riser for it and figure out a scope to buy as well.
Well hope everyone has a good Christmas!
Good morning elves and elfettes. It’s 33 in Indy heading for low 40s. Had a crowd at breakfast this morning. Friend’s daughter and granddaughter from California in for Christmas joined us. Always a treat. They’ll be by the house later to visit Too and maybe bring a jug of moonshine with ‘em. Won’t be damcow farmer quality I’m sure.

Nothing else going on today. Y’all have a good’n.
Morning folks, 32 here headed to 46 today, and 50 tomorrow! Got to go get some cow feed, then make some summer sausage and delivering it to some buddies for Christmas! You all have a good day, remember those in need of prayers, Buff out!
Great early afternoon folks,

33° with occasional looks at some sunshine here near Halfway USA.

Got busy drinkin' coffee & doing gun club stuff and ran right out of morning before remembering to do something more in VD.

Seems the Halfway House was buzzing with activities for about 48 hours straight. Deb & I finally had order restored about 6pm yesterday.

I believe I'm heading to my sister's for an hour or so this afternoon. :rolleyes: Already saw her twice this month, that's three times too many for a year. After that we will drop by Deb's dad Bill's house for a visit and gift giving. A ride around looking at pretty lights after that.
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