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Mornin boys...

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53 here high on RUGER Mt this morning at 2:18
Went to my brothers for the New Year to come in.
Eat too much and we all fired off a few rounds, even Gracie
Hope this is a good year for our friends and family..
He good and GOD Bless...

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45° here in Upstate NY this rainy morning, it rained most of the night. It is to cool off this afternoon into the 30's with a chance of snow showers.

I was sound asleep before the bell fell, I haven't been out to a New Years Party in years.

I was on the road a bit yesterday and I will be today to start the New Year.

Good Morning

Happy New Year green boarders !! It's official Ohio has had the wettest year in history 55.18 at John Glenn airport. 41 now in NC Ohio with high wind yet but dry! Only thing on my plate is to see the Buckeyes win the Rose Bowl and coach Meyers final game. Be safe and Prayers to those and country. Mike
Great renew year morning everyone,

33° earlier has yielded to 31° but the sky is trying to clear a bit here near Halfway USA. The rain/sleet/snow/ice/slop from yesterday did find it's way far enough north to be unpleasant.

The trip north was a bit of a white knuckle cruise. No issues for me but a few folks manage to find places other than pavement. I got some things handled for my old hunting partner and added a couple things to his "file".

Some .223 got sized & tumbled yesterday. More will get done today. The wood stove will be left to burn out for a clean out.

This year we come up with a resolution. Do more things that look like retirement and do less things that look like work. Debra Dearest does have low expectations on that second part.
Happy New Year morning all.. the low last night was around 2 above but the wind chill was about -20. The wind really got going last night, not sure if we're drifted in or not, got the door open far enough to let the dog out and back in.
Slept in, good way to start off the new year but will have to venture out and chop ice so the cows can drink.
We only got about two inches of snow before the wind came up, could get a little more snow today too.
Not sure what else will take place today, probably not much.
Have a great day and be safe.
Happy New Year

40 degrees all day long they are telling me.
I actually stayed up long enough to see the new year come in. I was in the basement in a reloading trance. Next thing I knew it was 11:30.

Heading to the range this morning with my nephew to unload some 30-30’s and who knows what else. Seems like a Saturday.

Looks like 2019 is getting off to a good start.
Good Morning from Bartonville Texas, 32 now; high of 38. The kids had a large party last night and expected us to participate. I cannot hear well enough to function in a crowd so I went back to the RV, my wife hung around and became the new Jenga champion. Finally got under the sheets at 1am.

We are packing up and moving to Trinity Texas today, our home for the next three weeks.
Skruske has the right New Years resolution, more retirement and less work.

Hope everyone has a blessed day,
Happy New Year from the Damcow farm in Kentucky. Yesterday we had a lot of rain again, sure wish Dean had some of it as it is not needed here. Mud is deep everywhere the cows walk, it's amazing how they chew up a plot of ground.
I talked to the Skruske yesterday as he was on the road again....I sure doubt if he slows down on work this new year, DD will have a new remodel project for him and he is going to replace the barn roof.
I had a little AR 15 excitement yesterday, but i survived it uninjured. I had one blow up, blew the bottom off the bolt carrier and magazine parts strewn all over the yard. Not sure what the problem was but no matter.
Judy Brown is in Kaliforinistan for the Rose Parade on Pasadena, if you watch it on TV she will be the Streaker running alongside the floats.
Damcows are waiting for hay but they have water not ice. Thank God for that. Gloomy looking day but I ain't in the hospital somewhere so all is good
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Happy New Year and good morning to all my varmit friends. It's 53° with 30 mph wind gusts here in southcentral PA. Mike, we are very close to a record, I haven't heard the tally yet, but we were about 74 inches 2 weeks ago and it's rained quite a bit more in the past few weeks to be approaching 80 inches. Everything is soaked. I managed to get one duck yesterday after another guy missed it twice. Took my time and followed through. But the ducks didn't cooperate before we had to go. Rained the whole way home and into the night, but stopped before midnight. We were in bed at 10 but were rudely interrupted by our neighbors and tannerite. The last one shook the house pretty good. Slept in this morning and just finished breakfast. The official start of my diet and I'm right at 200 fat lbs. Hoping for 175-180 in a month or so. Trying Keto. Lots of fat, no sugar. Gonna be tough.

Gotta take Tyler to the airport today, he's flying to Qatar to meet his sweetie and then to Indonesia, followed but the Philippines to meet her family.:eek: Hope he doesn't get too attached too quickly. She's a flight attendant for Qatar Airways and travels a lot obviously. He's headed for Colorado Springs in Feb, they can't get much further apart.

Have a good one.

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Well, I stayed up and watched the New Year come in... I feel sorry for you guys living in the North land... It was 71* this morning, going to reach 82* this afternoon.. I just might have to venture out to the beach this afternoon and look at all of the eye candy.. I'll think of all of you, as I watch the bikini's walk by... :D :D

Good morning from

Phoenix. It rained all day yesterday and was about the same temperature as Salem Oregon. That did not put me in a good mood. I could have done with out that. Went to sleep at 1.
JR I did the same thing once with my AR at the range. I was patting my face feeling for damage. Blew mag guts everywhere, and brass flowed back into the bolt. I pulled the bullet on one case. It was way over max. I then remembered bumping the scale went loading. I was pretty new to loading. I didn’t check the scale or loads in the cases. You can bet I do now! I feel your pain.
Good 2019 all. Fell asleep shortly before the beginning of the year but neighbors managed to wake me up just in time. Lotsa’ fireworks and what might have been a 105 howitzer. Didn’t know our home owners association had an artillery unit. Anyway, the day/month/year is off and running. I’m inspired to do something soon as I figure out what it is or my orders arrive!

Have a good year.
Morning gang, 48 here, supposed to be the high for today. JR is right about the rain, we usually have 45 inches give or take in a year, just shy of 75 for this year, Dean I wish we could give you about 30 inches of the rain we have had! If I step off my porch, you will sink up to your ankle, not to mention walking on crutches. Nearly fell 3 times going from the truck to the front door, must have been a heck of a sight me back pedaling with the crutches. MY left hip and sciatica has been killing me for a week, since I cant bear any weight on my left leg, all my weight and movement is by the left leg, stays tired and sore. Hopefully I will get the new hip put in 2-3 weeks'. Dread being cut open again, but got to get this thing fixed.
Pretty late to the party today, good way to start a new year. Stayed up til about 11:30 watching the tube with my wife. We have been doing the bird count for the ornithological society every New Year's Day for twenty years or more. But she has had a pretty bad cold for more than a week and thought we'd skip it. But I woke about 5:30 and decided to get up. She joined me a few minutes later and decided she felt good enough to give it a go. We usually start with a 2 mile walk in a riverside park near where I grew up and did so today with the dogs coming along. It turned out to be a decent day and we called it quits early with a little under 50 species, which is several more than usual. Temps held at around 50º and cloudy.

On another note, I haven't been able to find the total rainfall this year for Nashville, but I did find that the Tennessee Valley averages just over 50" in a year. On December 28th we were over 62" and had a couple more yesterday. It is easily a record rainfall for a year and 2019 is starting the same way. "who'll stop the rain?"

G'day Y'all,
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