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Shot this cat in the middle of the afternoon. He came in to Devil Hare almost instantly after turning it on. BE READY, when you hit the play button on that sound. I was hunting in a creek bottom that had a two track trail going down the steep ridge into the creek bottom totally surrounded by young pines in an 8 year old cutover, super thick. The only visibility was in that two track trail. I was 100 yards up the trail from the creek crossing, he came out on the two track trail about 200 yds up the other side of the creek. Came in on a dead run. Slowed up to check out the Foxjack decoy as he crossed the creek, the caller and decoy were with ten yards of the creek on my side. I shot him on the walk as he crossed the creek onto my side, didnt want to get my feet wet. When I walked down to him to admire the spots, I looked at the remote, it showed 3 minutes-30 seconds as I stood there. Quick! they don't always sneak in.

Fusion with Foxjack. Kimber Montana 22-250 with a Leupold 4.5x14x50 Illuminated German #4 Dot reticle. Love that setup for predators. DRT.

The coyote in the back of the wall mount was shot at truly point blank range. I had to pull the little Browning Triple Deuce into me a bit in order not to touch his shoulder when he stopped right beside me. Fell to Platinum Gray, didn't know I was in the world.
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