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My brother won't be up for deer hunting....

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My Brother and his family planned to come up here during deer hunting so my brother and my nephew could deer hunt (and visit with family). Micheal changed that! They built their house in Panama City, Fla a year ago. They huddled in the house while the storm blew on their house for 2 hours. There's barely enough siding left on it to side a garden shed and part of the roof collapsed. Without water, power, or even cell phone reception, they decided to make the trek back to Wisconsin early. They are 5 hours away right now. I was on the phone much of last night arranging places for them and pets to stay. Eight people, Brother and his wife, her Father, their teenaged and a one older kids, and their Grandaughter plus 8 pets. All now have a place to stay for about the next 2 weeks until power, water, etc. is restored and they can start building a house again.
Thank God they are all safe.

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Sucks. Prayers sent.

Glad they are ok.
I have a cousin that had a House right on the beach. Not close to her and have not seen her in 30 plus years, but expect she is homeless
This one was quick, they talked about Florence for a week. This one kinda came outta nowhere and changed a lot of lives in almost an instant. Life is not fair sometimes. Prayers for all in its path.
My oldest girls in laws have a place in Panama City. She managed to get a satellite view of the area after the hurricane. It appears that the only house left in the subdivision is theirs. Part of the roof is missing and the porch that faced the bay is gone. Otherwise, it looks like they came out reasonably good. Downside, no insurance. Hopefully the house didn't get too much damage. Upside for them is they don't live there. It's a weekend get-a-way only. Nothing like s3gunners people who apparently have no livable house to call home. Wish s3gunners folks the best.
Prayers and hope is sent to all that have been affected.
Prayers for all in dangers path Some will not be as lucky from that storm. Mike
The upside was it didn't dither, dally or linger like Flo did.
Hugo only had winds of 107 when it came across Chas. I thought it was much higher. 155 is a whole new story.
I hope it is indeed only two weeks before they have power. I'm guessing longer - they are tore up in a large way.
A guy w a tri-axle or a front loader could clean up. There won't be a light duty, dual axle hyd dump trailer for p/u use w/i 500 miles of them.
Carry several FixaFlat cans in ea. vehicle for the next 12 months.
Roofing nails will be everywhere.
It's a process.
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