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Golf shot

This one may get pulled

Two friends were out golfing and a third guy pulled up on his golf cart and asked he could join. They said sure.
They played a couple holes and noticed that the guy that joined had a rifle in with his clubs.
They asked about it and he said I’m a professional hit man, I get paid to shoot people.
One guy asked if he could look at the rifle.
It was a fine sniper rifle with a high end scope.
He’s looking through the scope and swings the scope over to gaze at his house which fronted the golf course.
As he’s looking at his house he sees through his bedroom window and his wife is visible and naked. And he sees their pool boy in the bedroom also naked.
He was furious, and turned to the hit man and asked what do you charge. The hit man says $5000 a shot.
The guy says, ok, shoot her in the head and the pool boy in the penis.
So the hitman takes a good rest and takes a long aim.
The guy says what’s taking you so long, pull the trigger.
The hit man says, hold on a bit, I think I can save you $5000.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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