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The new VHM mentions these new varmint bullets in .223 and .243 from Barnes that are eco friendly (non-lead). They are called Varmint Grenade bullets, made with a copper/tin composite core. I'm currently shooting VMax and NBT bullets in these calibers at California Saber Tooth Ground Squirrels, and there is a possibility that the tree huggers here in the People's Democratic Republic of Kalifornia might mandate the use of such bullets to "protect" reintroduced condors.

My questions and concerns are as follows:

1. Should I even BE concerned? I mean, if a ground squirrel is hit by a varmint bullet travelling at 3,000+ feet per second, is it likely that any of the fragments even remain in the carcass chunks to be eaten by scavengers? I always see raptors and magpies and crows chowing down on skwerl chowder, but I've never seen any indications that it caused them harm.

2. The author of the VHM article mentions that he achieved 1" to 1.5" groups with the .223 bullets, which IMHO sucks butt. If I can't get 1/2" groups with a load I consider it a failure. I'd sure be interested to hear what groups you guys are getting if you've tried these bullets.

Clem..concerned in San Dog
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