This is new, unfired brass, left over from my dad retiring his reloading supplies business. Once it's gone, it's gone.

He had a lot of 6mm since he was an avid woodchuck hunter for a long time. That 6mm Remington 700 bull barrel rifle was the bane of woodchucks in the area. He also tried it on prarie dogs in South Dakota but quickly decided .223 was more economical for that. ;) Anyways, on to the brass: Payment by PayPal F&F, USPS Postal Money Order, or cash if a local F2F pickup in Portland, Maine.

The only trades I'd be interested in are factory .223 soft point varmint ammo (for my Rem 700 bbl!), factory .308 150 gr soft point deer ammo, possibly good 22 LR, or Festool routers for woodworking.

Want the last two lots (the rifle AND pistol brass) below? $100 gets them shipped to you in a flat rate box.

.223 Winchester Unprimed 20 cnt x 5 bags = 100 cnt
.308 Win RUP 20 cnt x 7 bags = 140 cnt

.380 Auto RUP 100 + 100 = 200 cnt
.45 Auto RUP 100 + 80 = 180 cnt

6mm Remington PRIMED Boxed, ends dirty 20 * 14 boxes = 280 cnt
6mm Rem RUP 213 cnt
493 pieces total

.338 Winchester (Remington) 20 cnt x 6 bags = 120 cnt SOLD

270 Winchester Short Magnum (Remington) 50 cnt $40 SHIPPED

Thanks for looking!