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I found a 2015 truck to replace my current truck. It had some expensive noises coming from the timing chain cover. So instead of putting thousands into a 2009 truck that has 230,000 miles on it, I decided I'd check into a newer truck. I found a truck that filled my needs and likes. I figured I wouldn't get much for my trade-in with it not running well at all, along with age and miles, so I negotiated my best deal on price. They accepted. We then talked about trade-in. They ended up giving me $6700 for my old truck!!! That end of the month thing might have merit. I was shocked! I was quoted on $3100 to fix the timing chain issue! It also had the starts of a manifold leak and a front diff input shaft leak. (all disclosed)
If anyone needs a good deal on a used vehicle, I know a good and friendly place!


My truck soon to be traded when I got it...and new truck


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