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New RUGERMITE in the household Kermit!

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Tyler is back from the sandbox (Qatar) and had some bonus money burning a hole in his pocket. He came in the shop today to see what he could get. Tried out a few AR's then noticed this beauty hanging on the moose horns.

Ruger Precision Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor.

He decided on a Vortex Viper PST Gen 2 FFP 5x25x50 scope we had, but I talked him into letting me get it on our dealer program at half price. :D I'll get that ordered on Monday. Gonna be a sweet setup. We put on a Nikon scope for now. Might try to run to the range tomorrow afternoon to sight it in and stretch it out to 800. :D

Boy's gonna cost me money though. Now I'm going to need to buy dies and bullets.:rolleyes:
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oh man thats awesome !
Nice Setup

A fine-looking rifle in the hands of a fine-looking man.
I can tell y’all are going to have some fun with it.
Great looking setup, and fine looking young man, I know you are glad to see him home and safe!!!
Nice looking Rifle, with a SAVAGE trigger no less. I have yet to hear a bad report on one, maybe the barrels are SAVAGE also.

Where's Tyler headed next?
Captain Jesse is "somewhere".....he had to leave his cell phone at home.
WOW !!!
Welcome aboard Tyler...
Boy, that's prrreeetttyy...

JR, Tyler is back in Hampton at Langley until Feb then he gets sent to CO Springs for a few years. Luck $hit. He loves to snowboard. And he wanted the Creedmoor to hunt/shoot out there long range.
Nice one, kinda wish I'd went that way instead of the AR in 6.5. Would have been cheaper too!
Sure hope we have snow for him when he gets here, kinda hard on snowboards to go on the rocks. :rolleyes:
Yeah Dean...hopefully there's some up on the mountain. We plan on visiting him, probably in hunting season.:) I'd like to maybe explore a little and get down your way a bit. Maybe you could take us calling yotes?:D
Fine looking young man, glad he is home safe. Hope he enjoys his new rifle.
Fine looking young man, glad he is home safely and has a new rifle to enjoy.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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