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I just talked to Jim Briggs at Northland Shooters Supply and I qoute

"I just ordered (three weeks out yet) 12 of Savage's Newest Target Trigger Model 12 Actions. I will be getting the following:
RBRP - Right Bolt - Right Port Actions in .378 BF and .473 BF
RBLP - Right Bolt - Left Port Actions in .378 BF and .473 BF

These are the newest Toys for big boys from Savage. They will all be Single Shot Actions with the newest Target Accu-Triggers. These new Target Accu-Triggers are adjustable from 6 oz. to 2 1/2 lb. I was able to finally nail down my cost so I can now offer these. Based on my delivered cost these will be available for $415.00 + $12.00 S&H to your FFL. These are ordered with some of everything so at this point I can offer all of Savage's options. All of these Savage Actions are Large Shank Actions."

I thought this is a great price for the new target action.

Jim can be reached at 763-420-7163

22 Mag
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