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New Spin on turkey!

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As you all know, the wife and I are constantly growing, canning or killing something to eat. The last several years we hit Wal Mart the day after Christmas, as they usually have fresh turkey breast for .40-.50 cents a pound, which comes to $2 a breast. We got several this year, and boned off the breast, half will fill a quart jar, add water and a teaspoon full of salt, and pressure can at #11, for 90 minutes. I then took a huge stock pot and put the bones with some meat left on them into it with several quarts of water, and boiled for an hour, then let cool, filled quart freezer bags full of broth, for future use and froze. The resulting bird tastes like the finest chicken you have ever ate, the wife opened a can, cut the meat into small chunks, emptied the broth and a bag of broth out of the freezer into pot, dumped the chicken back in, and made drop dumplings for the best chicken/err, turkey and dumplings I have ever ate, and took about 20 minutes from start to finish. Figuring the half turkey breast at $1, some flour for the dumpling's, we had two meals for the two of us, for about .30 cents per person. Dirt cheap and great eats, in case some of you all wanted to try this. Also makes great fajitas, chicken soup, BBQ sandwiches and so on.
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Damn Sam, this new diet I'm on I can't have starches but you've got my mouth watering. We were shopping last night and I looked at canned chicken know the little 3" dia by 1" high cans like tuna comes in? $2.99 a freakin' can!!! I might have to buy some turkey/chicken breast and break out the canner.:cool:
Charlie if your doing the keto thing you aint gonna be real happy.:D

My wife done it for a little while and the kids and I also suffered. All the stuff I like is just full of carbs.:rolleyes:
day 2, so far so good Shane. At least Sue is doing it too. Not sitting there eating carbs in front of me.:rolleyes:
I'm Type II diabetic which means I really have to watch the carbs. There are no carbs in meat. When it comes to meat, you have to watch the fat content. Turkey is one of the lowest. Venison is another low fat meat as well as buffalo. Beef is full of fat but that mostly because we make the meat full of fat. Range cattle are not as high as the corn fed beef you buy at the store. For me, I love veggies anyway so the transition wasn't hard. Another thing to watch is your intake of any diet sodas. The artificial sweetener is next to poison for your liver. Limit yourself to 12oz a day and you shouldn't have an issue. You also need to be looking at the glycemic index of some of the foods you eat. The lower the index, the longer you'll feel full and the less fat that your body will make. Obviously, avoid any highly processed goods. Pretty much, if it's white, you can't have it. Normal intake of carbs is considered 40-50 carbs per meal, 3 times a day. I'm currently on 20 carbs, all day total. It's not that hard. For supper is a meat, mostly fish, a cooked veggie, and a salad. Deserts can be an issue for some. There are LOTS of sugar free things out there. Sugar free popsicles are really good as is the sugar free puddings and Jellos. Dieting is more of a life style change. It's not hard after you do it for a while. Loads of info on the Keto Plan if you want to do the research. You can also look up diets for Type II diabetics. Do the carb count when grocery shopping and you won't really miss the "goodies". And for those just dieting, you'll lose weight faster with 8oz of water per 2 hours. Ya gotta pee a lot to unload the fat.
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Damn Sam, this new diet I'm on I can't have starches but you've got my mouth watering. We were shopping last night and I looked at canned chicken know the little 3" dia by 1" high cans like tuna comes in? $2.99 a freakin' can!!! I might have to buy some turkey/chicken breast and break out the canner.:cool:
I buy those cans of chicken 5 for $10 at Sam's Club, Charlie. And sometimes they drop that by a buck or so, which is when I load up. We eat a lot of peanut butter, too, and Sam's has absolutely the best price on JIF. Costco is likely about the same as Sam's Club. Neither place comes close to Koger's method, of course.

Type II here as well. Watch the Peanut Butter. It has a lot of sugar in there. Catsup is about 1/3 sugar. Lots of hidden carbs out there
I tried the keto but I am weak.
sounds gooood:cool:
I do the same except I pressure can my bone broth. I'll do a 3 gallon batch at a time.

Turkey broth and canned chicken, add veggies, egg noodles and spices and you have soup ready in 10 minutes. I always stock up on turkey this time of year when it's cheaper than chicken. I smoke most of the breasts and freeze them in dinner sized vac bags.

I also make bone broth from roasted elk femurs and pressure can as well.

It makes great soup (quickly) with rice noodles, bok choy, mushrooms, steak, garlic, onions and whatever veggies I feel like throwing in.

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Thanks for all the comments guys! Doug seems like you and I are of the same mindset, I have a pantry room with 3 walls covered in shelves with quart jars 3 deep of all kinds of deer, turkey, chicken, pork, and any kind of pickle or veggie you could want, along with one wall of blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, jams along with vanilla pear and apple butter, along with pears halved and peeled and canned. There has been a resurgence hereabouts as of lately, with a whole generation or two, that did not grow up being self sufficient, I have tutored 3 couples lately on pressure canning and they are really getting into it.
We don't have the time or capability of growing enough produce to make it worth having a garden for more than fresh veggies for dinner. We buy tomatoes through a co-op for canning. I can usually pickup a bag or two of onions on the interstate that have fallen off a truck, we use them in stewed tomatoes, salsa, spicy mixed vegetables, and I like to slice them thin and pickle them for sandwiches and salads.

We can deer, elk, antelope, chicken, pork, fish, pasta sauce and bone broth as well. We don't do any fruits or jams mostly because we dont eat it anyways.

My wife and I arent your typical 32 year olds.
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