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New toys

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Well the Minister for War, Finance and Nagging surprised me about 6 weeks ago and said we should look at upgrading our camper trailer to something more suitable because we should now look at going around God's country while we're sort of still "young":D

The woman must be psychotic because I was thinking of how to put up a case for doing the same thing but not spending as much as we did but only because of Mum's estate being finalised and there was a bit of the folding stuff coming my way.

So off we went to a caravan and camper trailer show about a month ago in Sydney to check out the myriad of camper trailers there and in the end it came down to 2 brands.

The 1 we picked was worth $15999 and had another $11k of extras thrown in for $1999 it was just too good an offer to refuse with things like a portable shower run off gas, a portable dunny, sine wave inverter,2 heavy duty batteries to run things like a water pump for the 100 litre water tank. a sink, the fold out 3 burner gas stove, boat rack, puncture repair kit, spare wheel bearings, solar panels and a few other goodies. It has an annex that comes off the side(4.2 x 1.8m) and you can add a extra annex to that if you need it which is 4.5m x 2.4m.

It also has off road suspension with electric brakes so I can take it into the rough stuff.

Hope this video works.

I finally picked up my Marlin 45/70 Govt. today and will be starting to develop some pig loads for it before the 2 mates and I go away next month chasing pigs on the quads,:D


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Nice looking Marlin, are you going to scope it?
Very nice!

Looks rugged and built to last with plenty of space.Like the Marlin too,2 of my friends got 45-70s and I bought the 45 Colt in an 1894,she runs 1750 with a 250Hornady XTP.We clocked the 45-70 this weekend at 1925 with the 325 Leverevolution.Looks like some tasty bacon is in your future :)
Those rugged use campers are gaining popularity in the states with the boondock crowd.

Extra battery & solar allows for extended stays off road.
Nice looking Marlin, are you going to scope it?
Not at this stage as the country we're hunting in shortly goes from open plains chasing pigs in the open to scrub where a long shot may be 20 yards and fleeting glimpses or along a river bank in knee high grass where the pigs can burst out from under your feet so open sights are a bit quicker for that fast sight picture.

With the pigs where we're going we just shoot and leave them because you don't know what they've been into feed wise.
I'm planning to run 400gn pills but at the moment I'll have to be content with 350gn pills as that's all the local gun shop has.

I have always promised myself a 45/70 ever since a mate of mine had 1 years ago. We went out chasing goats 1 afternoon and my mate shot this billy around 60yds and the factory load just basically picked the goat up and threw it sideways. Went up for a closer look and tried to turn it over to look for a exit wound and the left front leg nearly came off in our hands it was that badly smashed and ever since then I thought I had to get me 1 of these mini howitzers.:D

"Those rugged use campers are gaining popularity in the states with the boondock crowd.

Extra battery & solar allows for extended stays off road. "

Mate these things are very big here in Australia with people going off and touring Australia seeing places like our deserts etc for months on end.

The retirees are mainly the ones who buy the caravans and these camper trailers are generally brought by young families for camping trips. We call the retirees the Grey Nomads or Articulated Terrorists.

Mine will be used for hunting, fishing and camping tours.
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I just saw one of those

2 weeks ago we had an RV show and they had several models there. They look well put together.
Saw the same trailer as in the vid at an estate sale earlier this year. They are built like a tank vs the flimsy aluminum junk they normally sell here. I was impressed with it as there's no wasted space. Downside was nobody knew anything about it. You're gonna love it!
FWIW, we have a migration of normally older folks that comes south for the winter. WE call them Snowbirds as they normally come south when all of the snowbirds like ducks, geese, etc come south for the winter. You can usually forget camping in any kind of park here during the winter due to lack of space.
2 weeks ago we had an RV show and they had several models there. They look well put together.
I think I would take a guess and say that some of the campers you saw were possible Patriot camper trailers from Australia.

People here generally take a lot of these types of trailers way out into the scrub and deserts following some of the early explorer's trails.

There are roads and tracks in our interior that can take anything from a few days to a week to get across depending on what your sightseeing.

You need a solid trailer and gear out there as help is a long way off and the use of Sat phones is highly recommended in a lot of these places but the scenery is worth the effort.

The Boss and I are considering a tag a long 4wd adventure tour to the Cape which is the Northern tip of Australia which will take about 10 days or there abouts taking the camper trailer. Furthrest North I've been has been into the Northern Territory to Darwin and back around towards Queensland fishing in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

We have caravan parks here with powered and unpowered sites some very basic and others well set out but nearly all have shower blocks,laundries and dunnies(toilets).
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