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Nickel plated LC 223 brass ??

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I recently picked up some nickel plated 223 brass with a headstamp of LC 01.

The primers are crimped in.

Does the military use such brass from Lake City ?

Thanks for any info.

A. Weldy
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The Lake City plant makes the military ammo, the nickel plated cases are for some special purpose, I've read about it but I don't remember exactly what it was right now. Nickel plated cases don't last very long, they're brittle and crack easily, not the best for reloading.
I've been using some for quite awhile now, I got it in a batch from the Louisville Metro Swat team, where they'd been qualifying with some. So far, knock wood, it's held up quite well. I THINK it's FEDERAL GOLD MEDAL MATCH brass, Federal has the contract for running Lake City right now, but I might be mistaken somewhere along the line. I've been asking about it for two years, and no one else has much info. All I know is where I got it from, and who was using it, the rest is guesswork.
Thanks for the replies

I picked this up on a range that is sometimes used by a few LE units.

Might load it up a few times to see how it works.

In spite of all the good board advice, I happen to like nickel plated brass and have had no problems with it.

A. Weldy
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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