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Night out with the REM788 .222

I decided to give a bloke who works on a rather large block of dirt just on the edge of town last week to see how the 'roo and fox problem was and he said that the foxes were starting to show up again and the roo's were attacking the oats crop so come on out and get into them.

So I organised 2 of the mate's who went up to FB's place the week before (week long pig hunt in Queensland) to come out but only 1 could make it so it was the other mate and I 1 spotting and holding the light while the other drove and when something was spotted the driver would get out and stand on the running board and hold the light while the other shot.
This actually worked well as we were using my Max Box as the rest on the roof which is a surprisingly good rest as many foxes and roo's will attest.

Being a nearly full Moon didn't help much either but what the bloke wanted was a reduction in numbers of pests so that's what we headed out to do Moon or no Moon and as we approached the gate into the back of the place about 7-8 roo's bounced off into the middle of a ploughed paddock an dup into the scrub next door so we stopped loaded the rifles and set up the spotlight.
The mate had a .223 and I had decided instead of using my Ruger M77 22/250AI to take my REM788 .222 out for a run as I hadn't used it in a very long time.

Mate jumped in and started driving while I did the spotting and probably about 5 minutes into the start of the trip I spotted a fox on the edge of a ploughed crop paddock probably no more than a 100yds if that away so I tapped on the roof of the Landcruiser and the mate stopped and got up and held the light while I lined up the fox in the Leupold 3-9x variable on the .222.

Now I haven't shot this rifle in a long time and it still has the shitty factory trigger which is heavier than my 22/250AI but I still allowed for this and with the x hairs lined up on the fox's chest I squeezed the trigger and sent a 50gn Highland SP on it's way and saw a big cloud of dust appear just over the fox's head and 1 very fast departing fox :facepalm:

That was a great start to the night................... ...NOT but at least I knew the rifle was shooting straight but I wasn't so onto the next possible victim.

Heading down another road on the place I spotted a pair of eyes around a set of yards so we drove around until I seen a better view of the eyes and it was another fox.

I tapped on the roof and the mate stopped got out and held the light while I lined up on the fox. This fox was standing side on with his right shoulder at an angle and his head was looking back at us over his right shoulder so I aimed at putting the 50gn pill in behind his right shoulder and out through his chest.
Took up trigger pressure and fired and although there was what sounded like a solid hit I saw the fox recoil back to my left and disappear over a slight bank scrambling like he was hit but further investigation saw that we couldn't find him so he was either hit and managed to crawl off into a creek and reeds OR it was another miss. :facepalm:

My confidence at this stage wasn't going too well as I knew the rifle was spot on it was just me needing to get back in touch with it.

So on we move on and head up another road to a hayshed and on the way we see 2 more foxes on ploughed paddocks but they were heading out at a great rate of knots. As we get to about 50yds from the hayshed a pair of green eyes light up so I tap on the roof and we set up.
The green eyes belong to a puddy tat and I just luuuurrrrvvvee looking at puddy tats with crosshairs on them :D

As I line up on the cat it just so happens that the top strand of barb on the fence is just below the cats head and seeing as how the cat was getting a bit edgy I took a shot at the title and was rewarded with firstly the top strand staying where it was and secondly a solid "THUMP" as the cat took off rather slowly and headed towards the fence to escape but when it got to the hole in the fence it stopped.

So we turn around and head back up the road to where I missed the 1st fox and head off further into the place and probably not more than 200yards from where I missed the 1st fox another fox is sitting about 80- 100yds in off the road in the ploughed paddock looking at us so another tap on the roof and we set up and all this with the fox sitting there watching even though it takes about 30 seconds to set up.

So this time I make sure I have the sights just about half way down on his shoulder as he had just moved a bit and stood up ready to take off. I squeezed the trigger and was rewarded with the sight of a big tuft of fur flying off the fox with a solid "THUMP" following and 1 fox hitting the deck.................... ... :boogie:

So moving on I managed to drop a couple of 'roo's with the .222 at ranges out to 150yds and my confidence was returning quickly with it.
The next fox just wouldn't stay still and eventually sat behind a bunch of thistles and although I could see it's eyes I couldn't get a clear shot and then what we could only work out was what possibly must have been a small drift in a very slight breeze must have put our scent up it's way and it was off like a honeymooner's underwear.

So we move on and across a ploughed paddock another set of eyes appears so the mate steers the Landcruiser towards the fox and stops at the fence. The fox has moved off to the right and stops just below a small rise in the ground and all's I can se is it's head and just a bit of it's chest.

I line up the fox's head and to my surprise there's a big cloud of dust in front of the fox as the bullet hits a clump of dirt that is sitting JUST on the rise in direct line with the fox's head.................... really! :facepalm: At least the bullet was going in the right direction as a consolation.

We moved on and saw a few more foxes but they were too far away or on the other side of a ploughed paddock and no real quick way of reducing range on them. We changed shooters and the mate knocked over a few more roo's and we saw at least another 3-4 foxes but the Moon and now a cold breeze had kicked up and everything was getting real edgy so we packed up an dhome by 10pm.


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Thanks for taking us along! :D
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