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Of hanging out on the varmints den this little ground pig hang out at my target frame all morning...

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I use to kill a lot of them, but now I just like to see them. The coyotes have wiped out the majority of them. Anymore when I go varmint hunting I am looking to shoot coyotes and crows. Some of the farms where I hunt say they are coming back but I haven't seen it.

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I turned him loose....too Cute.
Now if it had been a Coyote Pup....he would have gotten a Pill.

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I for a party of one, would much rather
watch mother natures critter rather than kill
them. I sold all my critter guns and reloading
equipment back in 2010-2011.
I made the mistake of becoming interested in UBR
at the Gallatin range. Never was there a mention of
drawing for a bench, so that let me position myself
away from the smokers. All was well.
While waiting for the new Dry Branch range, I bought
a lot of equipment, both in rifles and reloading.
The rude awakening comes on opening day of Dry branch:
Everyone draws for a bench(no exceptions).so I'm told.
That 1Hr w/no mask on(I cant shoot w/it on) caused
me to go home.
I was sick for 2 months because of that experience.
I was told the range would not be posted no smoking,
but that they would be removed from under the roof.
That's of no value to me, when a shooters stands w/in 10ft
of me outside the shed smoking and I'm forced to occupy a
certain bench.
There has been many months that range has been way
short of capacity. Was I given the option of using one of
those benches removed from the crowd?? NO.
In short that bench drawing rule that surfaced, cost me a
lot of money. I had no use for any of my acquired equipment,
so I sold it at a LOSS. I had ZERO interested in shooting a
rifle at home just to hear it go BANG. Just one of my many
bought lessons in life. LDS
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