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One man's Greatest old car collection ever in barns

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One man's collection in several barns in the woods on a dead end road
Muscle cars galore---Mopar lover---Not one for sale
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WOW! Better n Jay Lenno's Garage!

Thanks for sharing!
IMHO, the ultimate in stupidity, to have enough
money to buy these cars and never do anything w/them
except watch them deteriorate. What a shame. LDS
Amazing! Old boy has every gearhead’s dreams all in one place. The 1980 Corvette with 9.2 miles blew me away!

I'd guess when he and his wife are gone, there will be a terrific auction. Many of those cars fall into what is now called the "survivor" class and are worth more in their current condition than if they were completely restored.
Whatta waste.....I'm with you Larry.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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