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My brother, dad, and I used to go out to CO years ago and shoot with Heck Phillips (started on a rookie shoot giveaway). We haven't been in the last 5 years or so due to the low numbers Heck has. The plague and drought seemed to wipe them out around where we shot.

Anyhow, my dad has some health issues and I'd like to take him on another shoot. I don't want anyone's spot or anything like that, but I would appreciate some leads on a good outfitter. Not afraid of a DIY type shoot as we have all the necessary equipment, but prefer a more guaranteed shooting opportunity w/outfitter. I live in central Arkansas so I know everything is going to be a long drive, so the closer the better.

Please PM if you will with outfitters you would recommend. We don't have to set any records, just go and have fun like we used to. We aren't made of money, but understand you get what you pay for.

Thank you for your help...
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