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Richard shooting the Stealth Blackbird at 2 K

Richard took this photo of the line at the Varmint Hunter Association range at Ft Pierre, S. D. during the 2007 600 yard Nationals. I am not sure I had met him yet, but I sure as hell knew who he was and I was watching him make this pic. We met later, he had small group in light gun and I had small group in Heavy Gun. Back in those days, we may have been the only two guys shooting 6mm Dashers. I think there were a few 22 Dashers there, a few 6 BR's, and the rest were big calibers, 6.5 x 284, 6 Coyotes, 6mm Rem. Impr., 243 Improved, 7 mm Mags, 7 wsm, 300's, etc.

This is a pic from Varmint Hunter Magazine covering the 2007 IBS Nationals in Ft. Pierre, S. D.
If you could zoom in or enlarge you will see my name and I am in one of the pics.

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