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I bought a CZ527 American .223 a few months ago and had been to busy to really dedicate some time to finding a good load for it until now. I started with loads that were superb in my 527 Varmint Laminate .223 but was dissapointed with 5 shot groups measuring 1.5" at 100yds. I went out to my range the other day with three different loads, 25.0, 26.0, and 27.0 grain loads of H335 with a Sierra 50g Spitzer set .020" off lands. 25 and 26 grain loads were dissapointing, more of the same 1.5" groups and I was starting to think about free floating the barrel and then bedding the action.

And then THIS happened:
<img src= ""

Group size is measured C-to-C and my second measurement said something like .31", but you can see the important thing. So, I'm excited with that and glad to see she can shoot!

Oh, in case the pic doesn't show up correctly, go here:
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