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OT - Did your daddy deliver the mail?

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That Photo is NOT me.
I deny all knowledge of these events.
He's my Hero.
Ohhhh JR. Thou dost protest too much. Obviously pre-Judy days.
How many of them chillun have an affinity for the Geo? Dead giveaway there so who needs DNA?
So that's what it is called!

How did this guy find the time to "deliver the mail"? HE was too busy delivering "good greetings"! Maybe he had 'business cards' ya' think!:rolleyes:
He must have had a very long route,
w/constantly changing residents to have
banged that many ladies. Looks like having a
close resemblance to Johnny Cash had its

JR, did you resemble any famous celebrity
back in tha day??
That dude was the King of the Horn Dogs!

He didn't play in the NBA did he?
Rings twice? I'd say he came a knocken'……….…them up.
Kinda reminds me of the Farkles on SNL.
Well........ it ain’t true but it’s a good story, anyway.
My Daddy was a mailman AND a milkman

Actually me and my older sibling are childern of a mailman and my younger sibling is the child of a milkman. Dad changed jobs.

He said he had lots of "opportunity" but never took any of his customers up on it.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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