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Of all the things you've learned about the shooting sports, rifles specifically, what are 10? things you wish didn't have to learn the hard way - things you would want to pass on to others; either as proceedures, or things to avoid? (Who might come back in a book/DVD one day;) ) IF ya have some thoughts, mebby you would email me (soze multiples of the same suggestion are still recorded anyway and prioritized accordingly)??

I'll give ya 4 of my favorites:

Neck turning,
bullet selection
Audette Ladder testing and reading results,
seating depth...

Now, just b/c I listed these doesn't mean you can't also include them again with your suggestions. The more the merrier!!

Vote early and vote often!!

It would be interesting to see the results, if nothing else!


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You cant miss them fast enough LOL

#1 K.I.S.S
#2 K.I.S.S
#3 Fast is real cool but spendy and not always very productive!
#4 Keep records to prevent repeating things that didn't work!!
#5 $ spent has very little to do with results?
#6 SavageFVs are are fugly but can be made beautimus and accurate cheap!
#7 Buy powder and bullets in big enough lots to burn a barrel out!Reworking loads with new small lots is a PITA and spendy!
#8 Reloading don't necessarily save $$$$,todays factory loads work great for rounds not fired often.
#9 Minute of target is good enough!!
#10 A BMG is not necessary to kill a prairie dog but what a blast:cool:
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