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Maybe I should post this on the predator page, but I was telling Voldoc earlier today how I went out Coyote hunting at daylight this morning and didn't see a thing. The weather was really warm and then the rain and wind started. I went to an old barn overlooking a major trail and set up there until the the wind got really bad. The barn started popping and rocking so much I bailed out before I became a casualty.

Steady Downpour now so I decided I would drive around and pop some Crows. I have found that they will sit out in the rain and do not spook as bad; I guess they can't go "IN" because there ain't no "IN". Had a very successful hunt and wound up grabbing a burger at McDonalds with a sack of Apple Pies "to go" at Noon. Still Raining hard.

After I got home I decided I might as well get the tractor and feed the Cows; maybe they will forgive me for feeding them in the daylight just once. (Its usually after dark when I get in from my job). I picked up one of those big rolls of hay and headed up on the hill above my house. Just as I topped the crest of the hill I spotted a Coyote traveling right to left about 150 yards out. He was carrying something white in his Jaws. I swear..I actually thought this "Damn it, He's got my bag of Apple Pies." and he's getting away. By the time I weaved through the Cows and a gate (trying not to run over a calf or two) spun the tractor around so I could open the door and get off a shot; he was already gone. But....2 more were half way across the field running flat out right to left..Don't you just hate those shots??? The big male was behind and I thought I might get him to stop and look back like they sometimes do. But not this time, just before he crested the hill I fired a shot with my Savage .243. I actually thought I saw hair fly off him, but it was probably just tire smoke as he really kicked it down then. No sign of him anyway.

I went to my old barn and "set up" again for a couple of hours with no results. I decided to sneak back up on the hill and see if anything was moving. I took my Ki-Yi with me, sneaked down to the bluffline and gave the best Ki-Yi I could muster. Immediately, a coyote answered me back sounding almost like an echo. I called some more and sat up there till dark (still raining) but never got another answer. I suppose it was Junior Coyote who answered me and the parents told him to "Shut the Hell Up, its just that old man."
Well, they got me this time but at least I know I have some more targets left to look forward to this weekend and I am sitting here right now eating my APPLE PIES. (He didn't get'em after all....)
Coyotes 3 JR 0

Cow field in question.....Hate those crossing shots and thats all you get up there.
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