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PD Trip May 2023

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All loaded up and ready to head out. This will be my third year and fourth trip camping out in the middle of multiple PD towns. I love it out there. The LED lights were added to the topper hatch hoping this will aid with tailgate dinner preparations. I’ll report later how they work out. The rifles I’m bringing are; Rem 700 .223 AI, 2 Rem 788’s in .223 AI, another 788 in 20 VarTarg and a Marlin 80 22 LR Suppressed. I‘ll be meeting up with several others, some of whom are on this board as well and I look forward to seeing you all again. As always questions and comments are welcomed. More later.
LTR out
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Best of luck out there. I bet the VarTarg becomes your favorite. More crack less boom. Don't touch those rascals. Spend some time watching the owls. The hatchlings are now coming out and are fun to watch.

P.S. Wifey read post and suggested clean underwear. (She thinks it's funny, I don't get it)
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We're taking off early Thursday morning hopefully arriving in time to setup camp that late afternoon.
Bringing the usual .223, .204,20vt,221FB and a rimfire this year.
Safe travels a d see you put there!
Saw all those 788s listed and had to smile. About 15-20 years ago I wanted a light, walking coyote rifle and had my heart set on a Remmy 7 in .243 with that sexy Schnabel stock. I quickly discovered that folks buy Remington 7s, but never sell them. I ran across a guy somewhere out West who was selling something called a Remington 788 "carbine" with an 18 1/2" barrel in .243 caliber. It wasn't a Model 7, but it looked light and handy, so I bought it. Only later, after I'd researched the 788, did I realize what a little gem I'd bought.

Don't know if you're meeting up with Greyfox around White River, but I've made numerous trips with him. Enjoy!
Thanks guys. Yep, I’m lucky to call Shane & Rick friends. Here’s a link to the thread I shared about the 20 VarTarg build.
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