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Planes and Military Advice

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Guys, I thought you all might like this link:
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Forwarded link to my Brother who is a pilot and a college buddy who was in the Air Force.

I used to work with a guy who was working on getting his private pilot's license. He often wore a t-shirt with lots of those pilot slogans. One I remember said, "Take offs and landings should be approximately equal in number".
In a former life, I worked in aviation/aerospace and met a bunch of people in the military, and they had many little pearls of wisdom like these. (And I liked the pictures).

The one I liked the best was the one about night carrier landings. I met one guy about 25 years ago who was a Navy pilot, was an active pilot in Vietnam and at the time had 800+ night carrier landings. He had a different perspective on many things.
Thank you for posting that.

One of my favorites being old Navy is "There are two kinds of ships. Submarines and targets".
That is an absolute pearler:D

I'm stealing this and putting it on the Aussie hunting forum I'm on.
The one that I remember the most from my flying days, not military, was "don't run out of ideas, air speed and altitude at the same time". This came from an old military pilot that I had the pleasure to fly with on occasion.
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