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Prayer request...For the people of Sun Prairie, Wis.

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Sun Prairie, Wis., my home town, had an explosion last night. From what I gather so far, a private contractor broke a 4" gas main shortly after 6:15 and an explosion occurred at a bit after 7 PM. Several buildings have been destroyed, several people hurt, one fire fighter in serious condition, one fire fighter dead. It's very lucky there were no other deaths! The flames and smoke could be seen for miles! It happened in one of the oldest parts of town. Efforts have been on-going for years to restore/rejuvenate the area.

For more (and pictures/video):

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Prayers sent for all involved.
Prayers sent for all the people affected by this awful thing. Prayers for healing and for the sacrifice of all.
I'm in from KY. LDS
Prayers up.
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